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Airstream Specialists

Wow… I’ve never come across so many Airstream “repair experts” that are giving technical advice to many travel enthusiasts. I was just wondering if Harvard or Yale recently instituted a new curriculum on the restoration process and the fine detail repair for the hundreds if not thousands of abandoned trailers coast to coast.

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Axles, Brakes and Bearing – “Safety First”

When I locate a trailer to purchase for our inventory that fits our parameters including size, length, interior and exterior condition, I always make sure I get on my knees and inspect the trailers underbelly. A lot of unknowns are wrapped up in tires, axles, brakes and bearings. The axle is probably one of the […]

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Hunting Down Insurance Professionals

This question is becoming a “gaint” problem for older and newer owners as well the mechanics.

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Insurance Repairs and Accidents….

Let us educate the Insurance company for you so you get all the repair cost you deserve.

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