Airstream Electrical & Plumbing

Electrical & Plumbing

At VARR we inspect and repair both the plumbing and electrical needs in your Airstream trailer. We also install full new systems if needed.

Both electrical and plumbing are critically important to have an integrated system to provide two of the most important parts of safe and efficient trailering. If either the plumbing or the electrical is not in good working condition, your trailer is not fit for travel until the issue or issues have been repaired.

VARR Does All Things Electrical

As you all know, if wires are not in the right condition and in the right order of operation you could be at risk of a fire hazard. All wiring should be checked and re-checked on a consistent basis and those things that are not operable need to be repaired immediately. It’s also common for the batteries and connections to be in subpar condition on older Airstreams.

Our team at VARR will go through a thorough electrical systems inspection and check every fuse, wire, and connection prior to starting the renovation. If it’s not broken we won’t fix it unless the owner wants to make changes.

Electrical Services

  • Battery Check
  • Faulty Connections
  • Interior Lights
  • Running Lights (exterior)
  • Generator Connections
  • Solar Hook Ups

Animals take to the Airstream like ducks in the water and rodents love the plastic surrounding each wire that has a special coating for safety. When they chew through that coating, it creates a fire hazard. At VARR we carefully inspect every single wire and run the system through multiple tests to help make sure you won’t run into issues down the road. Batteries and battery connections tend to go haywire after years of use also. At VARR Airstreams our experienced staff is prepared to trouble shoot and resolve any electrical issues you may be experiencing in your silver bullet. Life on the road is much more enjoyable when you can spend time adventuring rather than fixing things!

Green Movement! Solar power and composting toilets!

Historically, vintage Airstreams have used standard mobile plumbing setups and generators for power while traveling off the grid. Technology has come a long way with the demand to for more sustainable power, and cleaner living. The GREEN MOVEMENT IS BIG and solar power and composting toilets are in!

Solar Power Technology

Solar power technology has been evolving quickly and most of our recent clients have requested solar as their choice of energy, whether it is for home, business, or travel trailer usage.

Solar takes the heat and energy from the sun and converts it to usable power. The new solar panels on top of an Airstream will constantly charge the batteries when they need it. This means you will have full power with hook ups while your off the grid.

Solar Services

  • You Can Choose Off-The-Beaten-Path Locations.
  • Solar is Virtually Soundless.
  • Solar Requires No Fuel and Little Maintenance
  • Green Reduce Your Carbon Emissions.
  • Save Money

Not only has solar technology improved tremendously in how much power the units are able to harness, but also they are becoming surprisingly affordable. Depending on what type of climate you live in, this might be your best option. Another option for solar power on your Airstream trailer is a hybrid combination of solar coupled with a generator. Our staff at VARR is experienced with installing these units and customers have been very pleased with the results.

Composting Toilets

Composting toilets have become a very popular option on our vintage Airstream restorations. There is no plumbing involved, just a vent hose to run outside and a small fan, so it’s a simple and inexpensive installation. Not to mention a very eco-friendly solution!

The composting toilets generally go 60 to 80 uses before they need to be dumped or on average once every 3 to 4 weeks assuming two people are living full time in the Airstream. Sometimes called a dry toilet, the liquids are separated from the solids. Microorganisms such as bacteria and fungus are used to break down the waste. Organic carbon additives such as coconut fiber or sawdust speed the composting process, and if done properly the entire process should be virtually odorless.


  • No Water
  • No Plumbing Involved
  • No Chemicals Needed
  • No Flushing
  • Completely Natural and Organic

As you can see in the demonstration video below, the composting toilet process is fairly simple and smell free. One of the most beneficial parts While traveling the composting toilet liberates you from needing to find the next area with an RV dump station. Customers who have transitioned over from classic plumbing to a composting toilet in their Airstream rave about the convenience and ease. The trend is heading in that direction, especially as technology continues to improve.

VARR Does All Things Plumbing

Vintage Airstream trailers electrical and plumbing systems often are often hazardous and do not meet codes, and are not equipped with modern safety features.

We inspect your vintage Airstream and recommend safety upgrades, repairs and replacement of components, or design and install a completely new, modern and efficient plumbing or electrical system for your Airstream.

We can add a tankless water heater, PEX waterlines or solar power system to your Airtream!


  • Tankless Water Heaters
  • PEX Water Lines
  • CPVC Pipes
  • Mold Prevention
  • Composting Toilets
  • Holding Tanks
  • Grey Water Tanks (dish/bath water)
  • White Water Tanks (running water)
  • Black Water (solid waste)

Prior to renovation, vintage Airstreams generally need to have the entire plumbing system replaced. Corroded copper lines and cracked pipes are common, as well as old holding tanks that have become a petri dish for hazardous mold and bacteria. We swap out all of the old copper plumbing with red and blue PEX lines and install new holding tanks. Our professional plumbing team on staff here at VARR set up a customizable, clean and efficient systems.

If Switching to Composting Toilets or Solar Power Technology Is Not An Option

If switching to Composting toilets or Solar power technology is out your price range, or you are not interested then our professionals on staff here at VARR can repair or install classic power through a generator and a classic RV style black tank/gray tank plumbing system.

Call Gene for more detailed information on Airstream Plumbing and Electrical.

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  • We can repair, install classic plumbing and power. Or switch to composting toilets and solar power technology. Call Gene (435) 654-5465 for more information.