Utah Vintage Airstream Restorations and Repairs


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835 South Main Street Heber City UT 84032
(435) 654-5465
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  • Jack C
    Gene was very personable and extremely knowledge about Airstreams. He understood what I really needed, even if I wasn't sure what questions to ask. After going on the website, viewing what VARR has created over the years and seeing at what they were currently working on in their shop, I am very excited to have them create a unique Southwest styled 60's era Airstream for me to explore my home in and around the Four Corners.
  • brian ethans
    Had a very miss leading phone call with the owner and he would never give me a direct or rounded price of a full rebuild. Mostly just talked about George Clooney....
  • Hawk L
    The owner couldn't be bothered.
  • Scott Flora
    Nice people very cool place
  • Linda Cavender
    Gene is AMAZING! And not just at restoring vintage Airstream trailers! My husband and I were moving a 30 foot Airstream out of a very precarious spot and got hopelessly mired and dangerously close to a large metal pillar. With very few options I had the thought to call Gene and see if one of his men could come and help figure out the solution (they’re amazing at moving the trailers in a very tight space). Because all his guys were very busy he said he’d try to help out. Said he’d call me back in 30 minutes to arrange for the help. 5 minutes later he called back and said he found a friend to help and that he’d be there in minutes! And sure enough a few minutes later help arrived. Within about 15 minutes we were on the road again! He was a great help that day. The VARA is definitely a place you need to check out if you’re looking for something fun and unique!!! Thanks Gene!
  • Catherine Michel
    I am a professional interior designer who has 25 years of experience in yacht and motor home design. VARR represents itself as a full service repair and restoration facility for Airstream trailers. My recent experience with VARR is such that I will never recommend this business because of the substandard work and extreme scheduling difficulties my clients experienced in 2018.
  • Nicolle Muir
    Absolutely amazing place to work! The owners of the company really take care of their employees and treat them just like family.
  • David Hill
    My daughter stopped in with a problem and they made time to at least look at her trailer to see if easy fix or suggestions and they were able to spot problem. Super nice people. Will go back
  • Sally M.
    I went to VARR for some help on an electronic device that was not working in my RV. I worked with Craig who is their parts specialist. My RV is 13 years old and sometimes those parts are either impossible to find, or don’t exist at all. Craig would text me nearly everyday to tell me of his progress. I know he spent time and effort searching for the parts, for several weeks. Thanks Craig, I appreciate your hard work. Thanks VARR, you guys are great.!
  • Justin Strickland
    I absolutely love the repair work on my Airstream! It's a 1967 Safari model, 22 ft. It had 2 of the front panels (kind of above the front window and one just off the side) that had a major dent (prior owner had a long ladder that smack it while turning). It was hideous. As you probably know, if you face the same problem, repairing the older aluminum panels is difficult because of the scarcity (use diff kind of aluminum according to year). Gene and Jacqueline -- and team -- spent the time to carefully take the damaged panels out. End result -- MAGIC! Polished too. Thank you so much!
  • Alec Houghton
    The owner is the coolest guy I know. I came in with questions on how to polish my grandpas airstream trailer and instead of turning me away like most dealers probably would, he instead gave me a whole tour of his lot. He then had one of his employees give me a tutorial on how they polish the aluminum exterior to perfection. Definitely recommend these guys for anything.
  • Micheal Meyer
    What a wonderful experience! I saw this cute little 1965 Silver Streak travel trailer for sale on the internet - I have been searching awhile for a smaller sturdy trailer within my budget, and have had some bad experiences along the way. I went to the VARR website, read about the trailer, the reviews and the owner Gene. I had a good feeling. I called and Gene was really very nice. A bit gruff and no nonsense (like my dad was). We chatted awhile and I decided to purchase the Silver Streak and have him do some of the renovation for me. He said he would do as much, or as little work restoring/renovating as my budget allowed. He also suggested that I do some of the smaller easier work myself. He has let me take my time in getting things done, and in picking up my “new” trailer (I live in Colorado and winter is just ending). He then arranged for it to be brought to me. He suggested after I have it, camp in it for awhile and decide what I need and want for me to make it my own. He said I could call him for advice and bring my little trailer back to him for more restoration/renovation anytime. It came yesterday. It was just as I expected. Love it! Camped in it in my driveway! So far so fun! Thank you Gene.
  • Mark Harris
    Fantastic airstream restoration business. They are very good at what they do and treat you like family.
  • Catherine Celis
    The staff here are truely amazing! What a creative group of individuals who really adhere to making each and every customized request a dream come true!!!
  • Glenn S.

    Last year my wife and I bought a classic 1975 Sovereign Airstream. At a glance it was beautiful, so we bought it "as is" from Michigan, over 2,000 miles away, without an inspection.

    Removing the vintage shag rug to do a simple carpet replacement, we discovered that the wood floor and the overhead sleeping area were rotten with mold and wood decay from years of hidden water leaks. We soon had a long list of problems with plumbing, electricity, woodwork, appliances, cabinets, etc. realizing we were in way over our head.

    I checked out Vintage Airstream Restoration and Repair and liked the owner and the crew. They obviously love the restoration of classic trailers and do excellent work. They had dozens of vintage Airstreams trailers of all kinds on the lot, for sale, being restored or in line for restoration. I waited eight weeks for a slot.

    Their prices are fair and the quality of work is superb. From custom cabinetry to ingenious electrical upgrades, you couldn't ask for more. Thanks to VARR, we now have a beautiful wood interior, warm low-amp LED lighting, upgraded heater, modern upgraded converter and inverter, re-worked plumbing, new rooftop sealant, a first-rate battery bank, and high-output solar panels. They flood-tested the clear, gray, and black water tanks, and pressure tested the entire RV for leaks. The floor is actually stronger and better than new, with new frame welding and foam insulation sandwiched between marine plywood--no squeaks, no spongy spots, and finished with understated Marmoleum.

    4 months later, Vintage Airstream Restoration and Repair saved our vintage RV from the junk heap and kept a beautifully restored work of art on the road.

  • Anna V.
    Gene and Jacqueline Magre are very personable and easy to work with. They are good old fashioned honest people. We bought a 26' Airstream Overlander Land Yacht--all original in amazing condition. The staff was equally great and gave us detailed information about everything we needed to know to make the journey home. They made our dreams come true and we are already in talks to buy a second one!
  • Ann James
    Gene and his team have taken my little vintage trailer to the next level and I could not be happier. They have been responsive, keeping me in the loop during the entire process. They know their stuff. My trailer looks great and because of some work Gene his team have done, I am much safer! My trailer is a 1961. It had been worked on a lot before I got it. The work was not always by people who knew what they were doing. Gene and his team fixed some questionable things, updating my trailer and making it road ready. He was very mindful of my budget and my needs. He listened to me and what I wanted. I could not be more thrilled to travel down the road in my shined up Bambi. Thanks Gene!!!
  • John Lloyd
    What a wonderful company! We showed up in the early afternoon hoping to make an appointment early the following week as we were in town for only a few days, and they decided to work on our Airstream on the spot! Walker and Tyson were consummate professionals, and handled the work with ease! We couldn’t have been happier with their level of service, and for dropping whatever they were doing to assist us that same day! Thank you so much you guys, means a lot!
  • R. C.
    Extremely friendly couple running a "mom and pop" operation in the middle of beautiful Heber City. When I left Salt Lake one day and happen to drive by their place, I just had to stop and see what they were up to. These guys are the real deal and I was blown away by what they were working on in the “boneyard.” I have yet to purchase an Airstream from them, but I really looking forward to the time I can!
  • Melinda Bryant

    I live in Georgia and have been unable to get insurance on my Airstream. The insurance companies just do not understand Airstream values. I googled vintage Airstream insurance quote and VARR.co came up. I sent a quick question regarding insurance and within a few hours Mr. Gene gave me a phone call. He personally contacted his insurance agent on my behalf about the value of my Airstream. His agent, Rob Wiseman, contacted me immediately. You can ask for better personal service than this. I highly recommend VARR. Mr. Gene knows his business. That's for sure! Thank you so much!

  • John Atherton
    We have taken our 1982 Airstream Turbo Diesel Motorhome to VARR with a couple of issues… They worked their magic and we have a much nicer Motorhome as a result. Gene, Craig and their team know what they’re doing with Vintage Airstream tow behinds or Motorhomes. We couldn’t be happier with their service.
  • Jack C.
    Gene was very personable and extremely knowledge about Airstreams. He understood what I really needed, even if I wasn’t sure what questions to ask. After going on the website, viewing what VARR has created over the years and seeing at what they were currently working on in their shop, I am very excited to have them create a unique Southwest styled 60’s era Airstream for me to explore my home in and around the Four Corners.
  • Douglas Clark
    I dropped in to learn about Airstreams and what a DIY renovation project might entail. The owner gave me a tour of several models and then let me explore on my own. He was very open and upfront with the cost of buying a fully refinished product vs. buying a complete fixer upper. They seem very flexible with the services they offer (e.g. they do electric and plumbing and I do carpentry and finish work). They also allow you to store your trailer there while you renovate. This will be my first time buying a trailer, so I have more research to do prior to purchasing anything, but if I go with Airstream, I will definitely be back here.
  • John Reed
    The air conditioner on my Airstream had quit working in the middle of a heat wave. I called several RV repair shops and there was no way they could help me for weeks. I called Vintage Airstream. It was after hours and Gene answered my call anyway. Gene was most informative and helpful. I needed a replacement and they ordered one that same evening with expedited shipping. I highly recommend them, their service is awesome.
  • Edward Welter
    In trying to back up my 1992 Airstream Sovereign 21' to align with one of my garage doors, I misjudged while trying to avoid a large snow drift in the front. So... the right rear bumper and corner panels made crunching contact with the garage... I almost cried! We bought this trailer new in 1992 and it's seen many places and many grandchildren. I called Dr. Gene at VARR, took the Airstream to him, received a quote, and left it there for repair. Gene and the VARR crew are awesome - the work was done beautifully, quickly, exactly as the quote specified. All I can say is... outstanding!
  • Felipe Hunter
    My wife and I own a 2003 Safari Airstream. We recently had the pleasure of meeting Gene and Jacqueline. They are wonderful individuals! We had the opportunity to view their shop and see the Airstreams that they have restored or repaired. The meticulous care that has gone into each finished Airstream is incredible! Gene and his crew go above and beyond to make sure that the owner will be so proud of the work they have done. Gene’s passion and skills shows in each and every repair and restoration. We, without hesitation, would bring our Airstream to him for repair/restoration!!!
  • Scott Walters
    I drove six hours on I-80, in the winter, from my home in Fort Collins, CO to VARR in Heber City, UT for repair of my 22 foot Airstream Sport. I had struck a branch and damaged several panels. Which was tragic. Jacqueline, Gene, and the VARR crew were terrific. The work was completed skillfully, on schedule, and on budget. I am completely satisfied, and am enjoying my Airstream along Mexico’s coast, the fun side of the wall.
  • Brendan Lynch
    We bought a 1965 Globe Trotter that has no updating other than the outside being painted by a previous owner. We called Gene to see if he could help with our Airstream. Gene was excited to talk to us because of his passion for what he does. After going up the first time and talking we felt completely comfortable leaving our Airstream there for them to start working on. Since we left that day the communication from Gene & Jacqueline has been nonstop. It has been about a month and when we were walked to our trailer we literally didn’t believe it was ours! We can’t wait to see it finished.
  • Leroy Fox
    I own a 1965 Airstream Safari that I inherited from my late parents. We traveled in that Airstream during the 1960s and 1970s throughout the Southwest to accompany my father during his summer tours of duty at several US Army facilities. My family and I have many fond memories of our travels in this Airstream. Several years ago I had my Safari restored at Airstream’s facilities in Jackson Center, Ohio. Since then, I have enjoyed many new adventures with family and friends. I enjoy traveling from the Salt Lake City area. As can occur with a vintage travel trailer, repairs and maintenance are not unusual. I was extremely pleased to meet Gene Magre and his experienced and capable crew at VARR, Co. (Vintage Airstream Restorations and Repair) in Heber City, Utah. As restorationists Gene’s team is very familiar with vintage Airstreams, and they addressed my repair needs in an expeditious and most knowledgeable manner. In fact, they repaired a crack in the original fiberglass bath sink, and now it is functioning very well, and I was able to keep the original sink. I highly recommend VAAR Co for any repairs or restoration work Airstream enthusiasts may require.
  • Gilberto Harmon
    Took my Bambi into Gene and his team and wow! Three things impressed me. 1. Like minds - Gene and his team understand and have a passion for vintage trailers. I am not a vintage nut, but I love my Bambi and Gene and his team did too. I liked knowing I was leaving my trailer in their hands. 2. Service - My biggest concern was having someone working on my trailer who didn't know what they were doing. I have had some good experiences and some bad ones. You never know. With this project, I really needed someone who knew what they were doing. You hear a lot of horror stories. I was blown away by Gene and his team. In short, they know what they are doing. 3. Mindfulness - Gene listens. He heard me. Clearly he has high-end customers. I am not one, despite that, he made me feel just like I was just as important. Gene worked within my budget and always kept safety in mind. He gave me options and was in communications all the way. Easy to work with and very responsive! I could not be happier. Thanks Gene and team for your dedication. You have taken my already adorable little trailer to the next level.
  • Eric Richardson
    Gene and Jacqueline Magre were very personable and easy to work with. They were good old fashioned honest people. We bought a Overlander Land Yacht 26" all original in amazing condition. His staff was equally great and gave us detailed information about everything we needed to know to make the journey home. They made are dreams come true and we are already in talks to buy a second one!
  • Celeste Israel
    Airstreams are a classic way to travel. Design your own little escape. Gene the owner is fun to do business with and seems to be very passionate about making each custom airstream perfect. I really enjoyed his vision and designs
  • Ben Hanson
    Working with Gene and the team was truly a pleasure. They worked on the shine of my 1959 Airstream and it has never ever looked better. I now feel pride rolling down the road in my 50s Airstream.
  • Lawrence Sawyer
    I searched the interwebs high and low for the right deal on a Clipper travel trailer. VARR had one, and Gene worked with me over the course of a month until I could drive out there and pull it back to Minnesota. In the meantime, his people welded up the frame with reinforcements, packed the wheel bearings, and installed lights, just as Gene said they would. They would not let me leave with it until they confirmed that all systems were ready for my 1200 mile tow home. These guys are the best!
  • Chris Paul
    Just got off the phone interested in restoring my 1964 airstream overlander classic He was extremely rude .. Said 'listen if you look on my website I do good work. If you don't have $75,000 then that's how much it is to talk to me .. and I'm very busy so .. adios' Well then He wouldn't get my money based on attitude alone You don't do business that way .. I don't care who you think you are or if you think your work is the greatest there is on the planet I'm paying So just imagine, if he wants to stiff you and not do the work .. or if you need to work with him closely on a project .. if that's what he's like on just a phone conversation? Then yes I'd say 'Buyer Beware' as others have said also There are other companies out there and this dude acts like he invented Airstream and the Spartan trailer too ! Golly Gee! Don't talk to me that way
  • Clarence Butler
    Very pleased to have bought a vintage Spartan trailer from Gene at VARR. He and his wife were very helpful, easy to reach and communicative. Gene set up the safe and professional transport needed for this very large 1954 imperial mansion. Huge kudos to them for saving this trailer and giving me the opportunity to restore it! Thanks very much!
  • Williams Brower
    Over the past two months, I have had 2 wonderful experiences with Gene and his stellar company. His head of the service department was exremely knowledgable and helpful, going beyond to solve my problems. And they were very nice to work with. I would certainly reccommend them for Airstream work and I know I will go back should I need them in the future.
  • steven smith
    I sent my complete and original vintage airstream to VARR for a total restoration. After spending over three years and over $60,000. I had the unfinished trailer returned to me. It was then I discovered that the original interior had been “accidentally demolished “ at the beginning of the process. Gene Magre hid this fact from me the entire time he had my trailer. He was trying to build a new interior to replace what he had destroyed and charging me for the work, while making me think he was working on the original interior. He did not return much of the original equipment. He charged me for labor on original equipment that he did not return. He charged me for new equipment that he did not include in the trailer. He refused to make any restitution or compensation. In my experience Gene Magre was incompetent, untrustworthy and dishonest.
  • John Jager
    Just c checking out the website
  • Sherrie Johnson
    Well it is very unorganized! Many times we would get calls asking for same things we had discussed. They were redoing our airstream. They said they had messed up electrical. Then they billed us twice. Workers were quitting every other month. They had a 17 year old work and charged us 85 an hour. They double billed us. RUN
  • Dagny Bogaard
    Absolutely terrible experience I feel absolutely disappointed in the way they handle everything. Violated and taken advantage of. Do not recommend. My camper was in better shape when I delivered it as a whole. They should not be in business and I am shocked by the positive reviews. They never published my review on their website. Not transparent with negative feedback.
  • Enrique Mccoy
    New groomer to the Heber Valley (Lorri's Paw Spa). Recently had my trailer sent over from Californian and got into a HUGE pickle when my water pump went out. Was told to go check out VARR. Without and appointment they happily welcomed me in. Said Found the problem within 15 mins and I was back on my way.
  • Rodolfo Farmer
    Just replaced a blown fuse at VARR on my LP Gas Detector which resolved a safety issue. A small detail except … From my Beehive State Airstream dealer, the diagnosis to the LP Gas Detector safety problem was to have someone walk near the trailer on a hot afternoon with the furnace running; da nothing discovered, just a 1/4 hour shop charge. Corporate sent a new LP Gas Detector at no charge but again no real diagnosis, just a quick fix covering up my dealer's sloppiness. Gene and his crew are diligent, hard working, and most importantly, they know what they are doing!
  • Dave Clark
    Gene sure is a character. My mother and I checked out the airstream selection at Varr and had lots of questions. Gene showed us around and answered our questions pleasantly. While the quotes for the ideal RV we were looking for was a bit high to our first thoughts, I didn’t feel like I was being scammed or misunderstood. The fact of where we are going to purchase our RV is still questionable, but I am satisfied with the service from Gene at Varr.
  • Samuel Bukowski
    I just purchased a triple axel 1999 Excella and couldn't be happier about the purchase and service from VARR. Gene and Jacqueline run a first class operation! Tyson (shop manager) and the entire shop staff were extremely helpful and kind - taking the time necessary to explain the trailer (I'm a first time Airstream owner) and making sure it was in top condition. I'm looking forward to working with VARR on a long term basis maintaining the trailer and it's value. Now I'm enjoying the Airstream culture I expect to make more purchases from them in the future. Great experience all around!
  • Ryan Falkner
    A sincere thank you for your quality and timely repairs on our trailer. One particular detail summarizes my feelings. The refrigerator door had "jumped off its hinges" once before and was part of your repairs. The Airstream dealer told us that this happens but it is an easy five minute fix. You investigated the problem and discovered that the refrigerator was not level. I am now confident the refrigerator and its door will travel safely on wash-boarded roads in the future.
  • Donald Martin
    After damaging the right rear panels and bumper of my 1992 21' Airstream Sovereign (purchased new in 1992) - I backed up while attempting to avoid a large snowdrift in front of me - I contacted Gene at VARR. I traveled to Heber City from WY to show Gene the damage. Within a day I got a quote and arranged for repair. The work was done on time, exactly to the quote specifications, and it looks like new even though the damage was substantial. It's reassuring to deal with a company that does what they say and follows up to be sure the customer is satisfied. I would definitely recommend Gene Magre and his awesome crew at VARR.
  • Drew Hammond
    This is a no brainer. Gene cares above and beyond for his customers. Had axels put on here and in less than a year the bearings went out on the rear left side of our 31' 1973 Sovereign Int'l on HWY 101. After limping it down to Airstream Orange County (a place to avoid if at all possible due to terrible customer service), I called Gene and told him the story. He called the axel supplier, had them send the new custom axel and I did not pay a dime for labor or parts. Beyond that, we had them put custom bunk beds in for our kids, run safety checks of all systems...amazing job, have not had one problem with their work. These days, you get what you pay for and once you're in the VARR family, you're in.
  • Antonio Olivarez
    Gene is amazing. I purchased a used airstream only to find out that my Homeowners Association had changed the rules regarding maximum trailer length in the RV lot without posting the change! My trailer was 5 feet too long. Embarrassingly, I contacted Gene, and he worked with me to put the airstream back on the market. Just now Gene called me as he felt bad it had not sold, and said he would refund my money. Folks...this is old school values. Rare in these modern times. You can't go wrong with Gene and his lovely wife at VARR.
  • Roderick Wade
    My family and I are new to the airstream world. We live in Bozeman Mt and before Varr had a terrible experience getting our airstream fixed. When I called Varr owner, Gene gave me straight answers. No BS. He said we can fix anything wrong with your airstream. We build these things from the ground up. I could feel his confidence through the phone I was hooked. I drove our Silver Bullet (airstreams name) down to Utah and was blown away by the Gene: the Cowboy Airstream Whisperer. He is the real deal folks. We went through and figured out everything that needed to be done and it all got written down on a clipboard. They took time with me, on a Saturday no less. He urged me to let them check the axels and suggested a few other things. While it was being fixed the manager Craig called me each week with updates, he sent me pictures and we discussed each thing to be done and how much it cost. Craig educated me and is a stellar human. In a world where quality is endangered Varr is the only place anyone should be taking their airstream. They care and do a top notch job. Thanks guys. P.s one of our axels was broken. Crisis averted thanks to Varr.
  • Chris Potter
    I just wanted to let you guys know I made it back to Indiana today. The good news is that there were no more mishaps and the sides stayed riveted in place. Lol. Even in spite of 60mph cross winds crossing Wyoming. Thanks again for a job well done. I will certainly write some good reviews and get them posted to the various forums. Gene, you may need a bigger place and hire more people to take on the additional workload. Have a great Christmas and Happy New Year. All the best to you, the whole crew and your families. Maybe see you in the spring.
  • Harry Reed
    This guy deserves 5+ stars in my book. Word of mouth referral from another Airstream owner earlier this year who couldn't say enough nice things. Gene has done repairs on my Airstream twice and he did so on both occasions with a huge degree of professionalism. The only downside to Gene has been booked up at times (for good reason). That being said, he came though for me several times, on time and got the jobs done on schedule. He happens to be a very nice guy as well.
  • Matthew Gonzalez
    Gene Varr owner is a great guy to do business with. He has a passion about retro airstream trailers that is palpable in every conversation I have had with him. He and his team do quality work. You will recognize him by his big black felt cowboy hat. Deeply etched face. Starched white shirt. Blue jeans and cowboy boots. I frequently pass through Heber Utah on my travels with my 22 foot international ccd trailer and usually have something that needs tinkering or repair on my airstream. Gene is always so gracious to fit me into his already busy schedule of renovations and repairs. Craig his main guy out in the shop is most helpful and easy to work with always taking time to listen to explanations of issues and offer suggestions for solutions. I have had one major body repair at their shop which came out looking good as new. Two other times I've driven into town with a problem and they have fit me in on the spot to help me out. I like to stop by the yard and see all the cool old airstreams they have on their lot. Usually about thirty or more airstreams of various vintages. They have even done work on airstreams for some famous people I know. Movie stars. Rock stars. His operation is impressive.
  • Nickolas Johnson
    I purchased my dream trailer, a 31' 1974 Excella, from Gene at Vintage Airtream Restoration and Repair. Little did I know, the experience was to become so much more that just a sale transaction. I got to know both Gene and Jacqueline. Their attention and care for the restoration process of these beautiful aluminum gems are a labor of love. Gene's eye for detail is apparent in every project he takes on. Now when I think of an Airstream, I think of Vintage Airtream Restoration and Repair. Absolutely recommend VARR!
  • Albert Finley
    We've had Gene work on our Airstream many times over the years and he's awesome! He knows his stuff and is meticulous about his work. We recently had new built-ins installed in our back bedroom and you would think they were factory original! I highly recommend VARR!!
  • Robert Vera
    After speaking to Gene over the phone, we resided to bring our Airstream to Varr. The knowledge and time he spent, explaining the process was very impressive. These guys did an amazing job polishing and remodeling my 1959 Airstream Caravanner. Gene and his staff are great, highly recommended Vintage Airstream Restoration and Repair!
  • Kevin Phillips
    Vintage Airstream Restoration and Repair is fantastic! It’s on an amazing property located in Heber City, UT, very clean, and just as advertised. Gene was very nice and made himself available to answer all our questions, which was really great. Our experience was so amazing, we trusted our gut we had Gene restore our Airstream,! He din an awesome job. My wife and I highly recommend this place to anyone!
  • Joe Brooks
    We heard of Vintage Airstream Restoration and Repair through their multiple glowing internet reviews and testimonials on forums, yelp, youtube, etc...so my expectations were high. Well, Gene at Varr lives up to his great reputation! He provided exceptional service while sealing roof and Window leaks and repairing the water damaged sub-floor of my 1975 Sovereign Airstream. There quotes for repairs were complete, fair and transparent. Gene provided continuous updates on the status of repairs and the timeline. He was patient, courteous and most of all his technical skills are second to none. We're now enjoying our newly-repaired Sovereign and I'm grateful to have met Gene. He'll definitely be my first call the next time I need any work done or just need some good Airstream-related advice from a real expert.
  • James Wilson
    Great staff, needed a ac and water tank, they did an outstanding job even to the point the owner worked all day to get us back on the road to our next destination to finish our vacation hats off to Gene.
  • William Harp
    I'm a newbie to the Airstream world going on 2 years now, had lots of issues with my 1963 Tradewind Airstream. Gene was recommended by several of my neighbors after he flawlessly repaired several issues on both their Airstreams. He was the first to diagnose and resolve a leak that others were unable to find, and which caused floor damage to approximately 1/4 of my RV. My experience of his way of doing business is this: honest, expert knowledge and willing to share, accurate appraisals and excellent craftsmanship that don't cut corners or break your bank. This guy loves working on Airstreams and knows them well. Gene is very professional and down-home honest...did I say honest??? In the RV world thats priceless. Vintage Airstream Restoration and Repair deserves 10 stars. A great experience.
  • Peter Shaver
    In these times of high pressured, impersonal commercial interactions, it's refreshing to discover Gene and his Airstream business. Gene is easy to be around and is obviously passionate about Airstream trailers. If you need help with anything to do with Airstreams, Gene is The Man!
  • Andrew Thomas
    I am so thrilled with the restoration done on my little Alumination. I grew up camping in this trailer when it belonged to my grandparents back in the 70's, and I have always just loved it. Gene did such an amazing job, restoring it from the ground up. It's cozy and beautiful, and wherever I go camping in it, people stop to say hi and tell me how lovely it is. Thanks, Gene and Jacqueline for everything!
  • John Bitting
    Full restoration on my 1963 Globetrotter Airstream! Unbelievable service. Kept me informed all the way. Did what they said they would do and then some. I would not hesitate to refer Vintage Airstream Restoration and Repair or use them again. They redefine customer service and American craftsmanship. Thanks again Gene and staff.
  • Edward Ladner
    I was so lucky to find Gene and Jacqueline. They replaced the refrigerator in my 19 foot Airstream after a dealer had put in a much smaller model when my original had failed. I was told by the dealer that the original was not available which was untrue. The work done by VARR was perfect! They fit me in during a busy period and I could not be happier. Dennis replaced the refrigerator and made everything look original. He also gave me a quick tour of other Airstreams being restored. Beautiful work! I am totally impressed with VARR and I recommend it to anyone who seeks the best.
  • Horance Elliott
    After looking at countless airstream sell ads on Craigslist my Fiance and I were stressed. These sellers were all over the country with neglected airstreams in who knows what conditions? How many miles and hours could we spend visiting these sellers to find a diamond or a lemon? Then we found Varr and Gene online, Gene was very helpful on the phone, and we drove from Denver to Utah in 2017. Varr is killer, there were 50 plus airstreams on lot that we got to tour! Gene, his wife and team are amazing. We are proud owners still renovating and full time living in ours 4 years later. Thanks Gene!
  • Gary Little
    Gene Magre’s VARR (Vintage Airstream Restoration and Repair) has what you need, from seasonal winterizing and an occasional oops repair such as a broken hitch to the customized Airstream of your dreams. Gene and his crew are simply the best. One example of diagnosing a problem was with my trailer’s refrigerator door that kept jumping off its hinges after a couple of miles on a rough gravel road. The local Airstream dealer had three tries to remedy the problem but VARR realized that the issue instead was that the refrigerator was not level: problem solved! Another VARR characteristic is their ability to fix problems in a timely manor. Maybe you won’t get your trailer back yesterday but then again it won’t be sometime next winter.
  • Donald Breit
    Gene is truly amazing! We cherish our 1956 Flying Cloud, so when our neighbor was doing construction and their concrete pump truck accidentally blew concrete all over our beloved trailer leaving dents and unremovable residue, to say we were devastated is an understatement. Gene responded to my distress quickly and was a huge help in working with the insurance company. He arranged for Dennis to pick up our trailer and begin polishing and replacing damaged panels. Now it looks better than ever and you would never know what happened. Thank you Gene, Jacqueline and Dennis!!!
  • Silva Rogner
    We were camping in Heber City when a strong wind came out of nowgand bent the arm on the awning of our 2014 Airstream. My husband was unable to bend it back, so I suggested that he take it to VARR. They were able to get it bent back for us in under an hours time and did not charge us for the repair! They were so friendly and really helped us out. We would give 10 stars if possible!!
  • Jack White
    These folks are the Finest Airstream Experts. Worth the trip.
  • Donald Bodily
    Vintage Airstreams installed motorized window shade on my Bambi. They are amazing. I'm very happy with their work!
  • Robert Atkinson
    Gene at Airstream is the most friendly, knowledgeable, and communicative. I had a few issues with my Bambi and stupidly brought it to a trailer comany that doesn't specialise in Airtreams. They not only installed it the part correctly but damaged my trailer. VARR fixed everything and then some on my Bambi and everything is perfect now.
  • Thomas Garcia
    Great experience talking with Gene and checking out the airstreams!
  • John Avant
    On a trip through Utah this weekend, we emailed hoping to stop by for a quote on getting service and a dent repair fixed. Gene was quick to respond and have us come by. Once his guys took a look they decided to fit us in right away. This was unexpected and so appreciated. The staff was all extremely friendly. The workmanship was absolutely incredible. The price was excellent. Highly-recommend VARR if you need ANY work done on your Airstream.
  • Jimmy Cox
    Brought in my airstream for a new front panel replacement since mine was dented. I was quoted a reasonable price and work was done in time to perfection! Gene was so great to work with. He was very educated and friendly! I will definitely be coming back if I ever need any more repairs and will be recommending this place to others!
  • Daniel Pope
    Quality work by a reputable "mom and pop" business. Experts at fixing problems created by other shops. Gene provides honest answers and fair pricing. I highly recommend that you go here - first.
  • Travis Dawson
    Brought our Airstream in to have it winterize. The guys pointed out an issue with an electrical wire. It was an easy fix that probably saved big bucks. They did an awesome job!
  • Esther Floyd
    After I backed my Airstream into a low tree branch, I found Varr on a Google search. I spoke with Gene, he was able to give me a ball park figure for repairs after sending some pictures. The work was done as if nothing ever happened. So glad I found VARR.

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