Airstream Floor Repair & Replacement

Floor Repair & Replacement

Whether you need an entire new sub-floor, or just a patch to fix a broken section we have you covered here at VARR vintage Airstream restorations and repairs.

Vintage Airstream trailers that have been neglected for decades usually have a rotten sub-floor, which can pose as a health hazard and safety concern.

Here at VARR we pull off the old sub-floor, prep and repair the chassis, and then custom cut and install your new floor to perfect dimensions.

Flooring Installation & Repair

  • Subfloor repair/or replacement
  • Remove Old Sub-floor
  • Finished floor repair/replacement
  • Moisture barrier (between the subfloor and finish floor)
  • Prep and Repair The Chassis
  • Custom Cut and Install New floor

Once our VARR technicians have deemed the chassis safe and road worthy we custom cut, fit, and install a subfloor and moisture barrier. Most often we use wood for the subfloor, but recently VARR customers have requested specialty hybrid compound materials rather than wood. Once the new sub-floor has been installed on the trailer chassis, we re-install the Airstream aluminum shell body before installing the interior finish flooring material of your choice.

Flooring Materials

  • Hard wood
  • Linoliam
  • Cork
  • Tile
  • Bamboo
  • Carpet
  • Stone
  • Vinyl

Almost every time we do a renovation the flooring on vintage airstreams needs to be replaced. As mentioned above, flooring is another important consideration to the safety of your silver bullet. Not only does your flooring need to be strong and secure, but also it needs to stay dry. Flooring that is decades old is almost sure to have mold and rodent droppings which can cause unhealthy respiratory issues. Our staff can take samples of the different layers in your floor to determine if there are signs of mold or rodent droppings.

Call Gene for more detailed information on Airstream Floor Repair & Replacement.

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  • Airstream Floor Repair & Replacement | Airstream Polishing, Aluminum Fabrication & Restore

  • Whether you need an entire new sub-floor, or just a patch to fix a broken section we have you covered. Call Gene (435) 654-5465 for more information.