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Insurance Repairs and Accidents....

Let us educate the Insurance company for you so you get all the repair cost you deserve.

Insurance companies do not understand vintage replacement valves since they have “no” experience with vintage travel trailers.

Who do you turn to when you have an accident with your travel trailer? This question is becoming a “giant” concern and nightmares for many since so few owners understand the niche.

There are just a few insurance companies in the country (coast to coast) that truly understand repairs, their costs and the complexities of safe traveling. Most underwriters and agents have absolutely no “clue” regarding value when the call comes in and the client wants the trailer fixed or made safe following an accident.

Replacement coverage will definitely be a major eye opener for all inexperienced adjusters.

How do you remedy this and find companies that understand the repair procedures… call us at 435-654-5465 and ask about Vintage airstream Insurance or Accident Claims for a plan and outline of the cost for “the repairs.”

Beside all the above, you will need a company like ours because few people have ever needed or understand the worldwide power and visibility of this niche. How many aluminum experts do you know that can rebuild a rusted frame, a broken window, or a rotted out subfloor?

It is highly specialized and that’s why so many enthusiasts eventually give up on repairs, their insurance agent, and the true cost of the initial budget.

So, when you’re ready, call me if for nothing more, than honest and accurate evaluation.

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