Airstream Awnings & Steps

Airstream Awnings

Awnings on your Airstream trailer have the potential of making or breaking the whole image of your silver bullet. A good awning can nearly double the size of your domain while living the Airstream dream, especially if you own a smaller trailer like a Bambi or a Bubble.

On most of our VARR Airstreams we install Zip Dee awnings. We have found that the quality of the fabric and posts are second to none, but if you have another preference we can make that happen as well. The 12 volt Zip Dee automatic awnings are very convenient, just the push of a button and the awning can go out and back in easily with complete reliability. If you want to save money the manual awnings are also quite easy to use and equally as reliable.

Traveling with a broken or damaged awning can be dangerous so durability is key! It’s critically important that your awning is strong and secure for travel. The last thing you want is for the Airstream awning to come loose and scratch or dent your beautiful aluminum panels.

  • Extends out either 8 or 9 feet from the rail (your choice)
  • Scalloped valances on 3 sides
  • Bound with white acrylic fabric
  • Made of quality 9 oz Dickson® awning fabric
  • Heavy duty adjustable-height aluminum poles
  • Includes ropes, stakes and line tighteners
  • Plastic rail bead is sewn into the top edge of the awning.

There’s nothing quite like the iconic view of a beautiful shiny Airstream parked with the great American outdoors as a back drop. Notice in those iconic classic images they always have the awning propped up! Depending on the weather, your party might spend more time outdoors under the awning than inside your Airstream trailer.

At VARR, the awnings we install are highly customizable depending on the size and theme you are after.

Our designers help choose colors, patterns, and materials to best suit your needs. Virtually anything is possible depending on your budget.

Airstream Steps

Walking into an Airstream trailer with a broken step can be quite the challenge. A solid, reliable step on your Airstream trailer goes a long way. We can help you find the right step for your Airstream and professionally install it. Depending on your preference we can set up a manual step or automatic step using the material of your choice.

Most VARR clients choose the automatic aluminum step. Like all other phases of a VARR vintage Airstream restoration the choice is completely up to the customer and everything is highly customizable.

Our workshop has tools to modify or fabricate virtually any part that is required to get your Airstream project completed. If a part for your Airstream trailer needs to be machined, milled, welded, cut, drilled, formed or pressed we can do it.

  • Aluminum Steps
  • Steel Entry Steps
  • Manual Steps
  • Automatic Steps
  • Ease of Storage
  • Power Entry Steps

After all of the labor hours invested in restoring your silver bullet it really comes down to the details, and a good reliable step is very worthwhile. At VARR we do our best to make sure that when we install your Airstream step we do it in a way that it won’t hit the ground when you are pulling out of a parking space that has a dip. Also we make sure to make the step extra sturdy to insure that it will last for years with no maintenance needs, ideally for decades.

Call Gene for more detailed information on Airstream Awnings & Steps.

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  • Airstream Awnings & Steps | Airstream Polishing, Aluminum Fabrication & Restore

  • At VARR, the awnings we install are highly customizable depending on the size and theme you are after. Call Gene (435) 654-5465 for more information.