Airstream Interior Design by VARR

Interior Design by VARR

After all the planning, the repairs and replacement items, the original Airstream project is ready for those touches that make it a gem and a travel niche leader.

Coordination of the different elements of fabric color, sample texture and personal patterns, the interior theme and accent qualities are complete. Weeks, if not months to get everything right is just part of the exactness of a finished Airstream restoration.

The interior design and well thought out “floor-plan” is critical to the balance and beauty of “home” on the road. One should investigate different fabric manufactures, textures, and accent pieces that glue the complete décor together and give the trailer restoration a theme and sense of purpose. When everything is buttoned up and you’re moving toward the great outdoors inside your Airstream, you’ll feel a sense of home with all those finishes bundled together.

Design Features
  • Fabrics
  • Cabinets
  • Floors
  • Furniture
  • Tile
  • Millwork
  • Sinks
  • Vanity
  • Curtains/Drapes
  • Counter Tops

Depending on the purpose and theme of your trailer we can help you design your ultimate Airstream dream! Whether your Airstream is for business, family travel, or two person romantic honeymoon travel we have the materials and expertise to best fit your needs. No two VARR renovated Airstreams have looked even remotely the same on the interior. If you already have a theme and materials picked out that’s great, we will install it exactly how you had it in mind. Otherwise our talented full-time interior designer will work one on one with you until you are beyond happy with the look and feel. First we use the help of our “Airstream architect” to lay out the floor plan, like where the bathroom and shower will be, where the kitchen will be, etc. Then from there our professional interior designer will explore and experiment with different materials until you are 100% satisfied.

Call Gene for more detailed information on Airstream Interior Design by VARR.

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  • Airstream Interior Design by VARR | Airstream Polishing, Aluminum Fabrication & Restore

  • Our designers coordination the different elements of fabric color, sample texture and personal patterns. Call Gene (435) 654-5465 for more information.