Airstream Axle Replacement

Axle Replacement Is Extremely Important For Old Vintage Airstreams

After decades of sitting around rusting and oxidizing the Airstream chassis are not fit to be on the road. Before restoration, all vintage airstreams should be checked thoroughly for flaws, cracks, and rubber seals. You can almost bet that the outcome of every axle investigation will lead to the conclusion that the older axles in the vintage airstream need new replacement equipment.

Here at VARR we install only the safest in the industry on full new restorations. A smooth, confident ride is so much more enjoyable, and especially when safety comes into play it is critically important to make sure everything is working correctly.

Our crew at VARR install Dexter axles on all our full new restorations. We order and install Dexter Axles because they the company that supplies all new Airstream axles. Each axle is custom made for the client based on the specifications that we give them, see Dexter Axles Website for more information.

Complete Airstream Axle Includes

  • Dexter Torsion Axle #10 or #11 (Rating dependent)
  • 10″ or 12″ Electric Self Adjusting Brakes
  • Integrated Hub/Drum Assemblies
  • 10″ brakes are available in 5 and 6 Lug hub/drum
  • 12″ brakes are available in 6 lug hub/drum
  • Grease Seals
  • Inner and Outer Hub/Drum Bearings
  • Grease Caps
  • Shock Mounting Brackets
  • Lug Nuts & Brake Hardware

A thorough inspection of your axles is of upmost importance regarding the safety and performance of your Airstream. Our team of technicians here at VARR will gladly go through a five-point inspection with you to help determine the condition of your axles. If your Airstream trailer feels bouncy or fish tails while you are pulling it then it might be time for new axles. During total restorations we most often install brand new axles, but sometimes we are able to salvage them by replacing individual parts. Like all things at VARR, it all depends on the budget, goals, and needs of the customer. Whether your Airstream is a single axle, double axle, or triple axle we have the equipment to get you safely back out on the road trailering.

All of us here at VARR take pride in being able to make the process of replacing axles on your Airstream trailer as simple as possible.

Call Gene for more detailed information on Airstream Axle Replacement.

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