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Airstream Pride & Diversity

Airstream Pride & Diversity

We have taken a lot of pain and thought let alone time and money to accumulate our unique iconic Airstream inventory.

Our representation of the enclosed collection has taken us years to display. We are very proud to be known across America to have such a history of one of America’s more respected niches.

We welcome people all over the globe to visit us and our unique Vintage Airstream Restoration and Repair business.

Stop by anytime.




Vintage Airstream Restoration & Repair


Airstream Unknowns

So Many Unknowns…..


With the travel trailer niche so explosive today regarding choices, costs, interiors and true valve (especially those built before 1970) how can an enthusiastic “owner to be” not be overwhelmed with all the choices and of course, all the materials needed to resurrect a 50 year old Airstream.


Stories and red flags cannot be understood by the inexperienced do it yourselfers. Hundreds and hundreds of questions come to my telephone line weekly since it doesn’t take much to intimidate the modern cabinet maker since a 2×4 is not in any way, linked to an aluminum rivet.


It has become so difficult to accommodate all inquiries, questions and frustrations that I have had to limit each incoming call to five (5) minutes.


Once the caller or curious owner gets his or her questions answered, another one pops right up behind the last.

I suggest reading as much detailed information and watching as many videos to make the buyer more comfortable before jumping into the deep end of the tool box!


E-mail can help a little but the spoken work is easier and more powerful to the caller.

A lot can be clarified in minutes compared to 11 paragraphs on rotten floors of a e-mailed question.

Feel free to become my best friend and take advantage of our generosity and experience for “real answers”


Tailoring your “Travel Trailer”


Locating a professional upholster for cushions, pillows, rips and curtains for your travel trailer has become, at times, a nightmare!!

The words “custom cushions” is almost impossible to plan for in your trailer since the worn-out fabrics are outdated and difficult to locate, measure and design.

Additionally most fabrics are running over the top for the per-yard cost.

$80.00 per yard for these covers is becoming commonplace. Out of necessity, we therefore assemble our own needle shop for “trailer travelers” only!

We can pass fabric and labor saving on to the trailer owner

Call Gene at 435-654-5465                                                                                                                                                              




What could be more inviting than a comfortable chair, seat, or pillow inside your custom Airstream travel trailer?

How about a row of kick-ass bar-stools lined up with your “fabric logo” advertising your unique brand.

Airstream gathers the curiosity; your business rings the cash register!! How do I know, we create unique upholstery items for corporations to Hollywood stars.

We give each client ideas, samples, design and more ideas from curtains to exotic leather. We repair worn out cushions and help coordinate family themes such as sailing, cowboys, and sports…..

First word when they walk into your unique Airstream trailer will be …..WOW!!!

Give us a call at 435-654-5465 and remember spring is around the corner. Make your sit-down personal appointment today.



No different than taking off or unbuttoning your shirt. Spring is the time to prepare you for warmer, bright sunshine and the urge to travel.

As a cautionary note, do not just hook her up and take to the Rockies – one must methodically reverse the “winterizing” process and prepare everything from the windows to the propane lines.

Remember, the winter months and the wild swings in temperatures can slow down if not eliminate the spring thaw.

That thaw will shorten, if not end your first venture of the season and probably last well into your third trip if you “rush” the spring preparation clean-up and clean out!

All the mechanical components must be started and monitored for at least ten (10) minutes each.

A lot can happen or not happen in 10 bad minutes on the road.

Putting off and coughing up the repair money is not easy but safety on the road should have no limits.

No different from a child’s first seasonal ski run (downhill fast), all gear and all protection should be double checked.


Do not let the kick-off of the annual event end the fun and safety of the great outdoors and asphalt!!

VIN Numbers

VIN Numbers


Vehicle Identification Numbers for Vintage Airstream trailers are extremely important since without them no buyer would every know if the trailer you are looking to purchase is stolen (or has been stolen) VIN numbers on Vintage Airstream trailers are located usually on the right side of each door on a identification plaque. Numbers are usually engraved into the metal.


A few older trailers have the identification number tagged on the hitch or tongue for easy viewing.

Make sure that each VIN number matches the title number for an accurate title registration.


Gene 435-654-5465


If you’re buried by your competitions advertising and need a “special attraction” to capture attention and create curiosity and emotion…..


CONSIDER, a one of a kind ‘NEON” sign

Not only did this ICONIC sign stir up our business but it created a lot of “BUZZ” from the town folks. Like anything that is different and unique today, our “CUSTOM NEON SIGNS” attract folks from across the street to across the town.


Let us help design your business advertising that quadrupled our iconic Vintage Airstream Restoration company.


Call Gene at 435-654-5465 and go to

Holding Tanks

Holding tanks, replacement and repairs.


Knowing that most vintage airstream trailers have been abandoned to an open field or the north side of a barn for sometimes decades, “plastic holding tanks” usually cannot withstand the elements and extreme changes of weather conditions.


Many previous owners never properly winterized their trailers and completely eliminated moisture and the solid waste from all the holding tanks.


If there was a break or small drip, most folks just use a glue or construction caulk to stop the flow but rarely fix the tank problem permanently.


The only way to end the problem is to replace the tank with new components, aluminum seam welding or in some cases, a new tank.


If caught in time the repair procedure can be reduced and sometimes eliminated because if pasted over the resulting band aide fix can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars.


Go to or give Gene a call at 435-654-5465 for professional advice.



Airstream Specialists

Wow… I’ve never come across so many Airstream “repair experts” that are giving technical advice to many travel enthusiasts.
I was just wondering if Harvard or Yale recently instituted a new curriculum on the restoration process and the fine detail repair for the hundreds if not thousands of abandoned trailers coast to coast.

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