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Dangerous Spike

No different from your children when situations, examples, and firmness need to be repeated in the learning process. Qualified professionals are difficult to locate in the Airstream Restoration business.

I wrote a blog some time ago everything works.” The end point of my story was that most fix-it folks know little or nothing about the safe restoration or the proper approach to trouble shooting the correct evaluations and repair procedures of many 20, 40, 60 year old Airstream trailers.

Recently, I have received many more than usual phone calls from disgruntled Classic Airstream owners who are beyond being pissed off at “RESTORATION” companies.

There is a growing danger of not fully understanding and therefore not fully completing the repair sequence of any older Airstream. Folks are so concerned that they now are bringing attorneys and lawsuits against make shift restorations companies  and “flippers”  in the business of making a quick buck.

The seriousness of driving down the freeway at 65 mph with your family in a sub-standard Airstream is real every day!!  Repairs where not and are not up to today’s standard safety procedures.

Call me should you feel you have a concern and that you need to talk another opinion out load.









Hidden problems and disappointments.


A fellow called me the other day from Maryland asking me questions about, “Airstream Food Trucks”.

He was ready to hop on the airplane and fly to Oklahoma to view a converted truck that was being sold for $52,000.00.

My questions to him was what did this food novice know about converted travel trailer kitchens on wheels.

He was excited by no means but naïve about the combinations of food, and Airstream trailer safety, and street valve of retrofitted “fad” truck, posing as healthy and innovative.

Remember, $52,000.00 is a lot of money to invest into an unknown vehicle 2000 miles away from the place you call home. Just because you purchase an Airstream trailer doesn’t mean you are ready for the street food niche. Also, is everything on and in the Airstream trailer is safe and up to code?

I could go on and on but to cut to the bottom line, your knowledge will help you make smart decisions about long distance flying and what to expect and look for once you’re there.

Don’t make the mistake that most folks make buying something not knowing about the history of something that could be a restaurant or even a certified scam.

Call Gene if you are interested in making your Airstream into a food/dessert/coffee or an event food trailer






(Now available for you!) 


After months of planning, designing and collaborating with some of the top fabric suppliers in the world, we at VARR, Inc. (Vintage Airstream Restorations & Repairs) came up with a one of a kind custom interior design for an Airstream!


We all know that the shiny exterior skin of an Airstream is the iconic symbol of something very interesting “to come”.   We also know that many if not most Airstreams look alike on the inside. Well, your look-a-like interior today has come to an end!


We have developed an application for any design to show off a world of originality and beauty. Our result is a perfectly molded FABRIC (cloth) interior that surrounds the occupant(s) into a world of softness and charm.


Unlike the white painted walls of most interiors, our “in house designer” will transfer your interior stage into almost any theme or occasion to receive a WOW”.

Fabric from silk to burlap on the interior walls of an Airstream creates an invitation to “come on in” and stay for a while.


Our application, developed by our interior specialist, can be installed from a $1.00 dollar a yard to over the top $100.00 per yard, depending on your intention and budget.


Gone are the days of plastic and sticky wallpaper. 


Call me for my personal input and ideas.

Stay posted for updated photo’s……





Emerald Green (Coming Soon)

There’s No Place like “HOME”

There’s No Place like “HOME”

An Airstream trailer can become your home…better than – never before have so many folks traveled our great country finding a abundance of history, and wonder that comes with travel.  If you think you missed the history you did not it just started, trust me!

Matter of fact, Airstream, especially Vintage Airstreams are becoming a way of life for many….the days of “loons” and “fads” are over and the lifestyle has become a romance for the Vintage Airstream travel trailer.

We can make it happen for you… (Vintage Airstream Restorations and Repairs)

Call Gene at 435-654-5465

Ruby Slippers

VARR, Inc. (Vintage Airstream Restorations & Repairs) problem solving

VARR, Inc. (Vintage Airstream Restorations & Repairs) problem solving


Here at VARR, Inc. (Vintage Airstream Restorations & Repairs) we are pushing ourselves to solving a very common problem that haunts all Airstream owners and the interior of their Airstream trailers both large and small.

Our innovative solution will guarantee the air and water tight construction of all Airstream trailers left in a field to rot for over 60 years.

After all you want to pass down your Airstream to your kids/grand kids so they too can explore the back roads of our great country and or custom design your brand in a Vintage Airstream trailer.

Call VARR, Inc.  (Vintage Airstream Restorations & Repairs) at 435-654-5465 or e-mail to get more information on how to save these American made silver bullets.


(Vintage Airstream Restorations & Repairs)


Out of the Park Airstream Client

Out of the Park Airstream Client


Recently we were contacted by one of the world’s most well known Hollywood actors….

The contact was a “SOS” to take over the responsibility to complete a very difficult Airstream restoration project that was started months before, by another company.

Because of the structural and incomplete designing, the project was stopped and turned over to VARR, Inc (Vintage Airstream Restorations & Repairs) located next to Park City, Utah

It sure looked easy in the beginning but all indications told us that the complicated task and budget was way, way too extensive.

VARR, Inc. took over the responsibility to complete the reconstruction process and is approaching the finish line for the owners.

Check out our photos before and during the project.


So many companies that claim to be specialist are “week-end” fix-it shops.  With a grandpa helping his grandson attempt to re-wire the complex electrical responsibility. As one knows, the taking over of an incomplete building project can be a nightmare for any seasoned tradesman.


For us at VARR, Inc., all corrections (both inside and out) have been brought up to and beyond “code” requirements.

To avoid similar nightmares, and potential liabilities, be sure to do your due-diligence and or ask a specialist….. If you can locate one!!

Gene Magre
VARR, Inc.
Vintage Airstream Restorations & Repairs



Airstream Pride & Diversity

Airstream Pride & Diversity

We have taken a lot of pain and thought let alone time and money to accumulate our unique iconic Airstream inventory.

Our representation of the enclosed collection has taken us years to display. We are very proud to be known across America to have such a history of one of America’s more respected niches.

We welcome people all over the globe to visit us and our unique Vintage Airstream Restoration and Repair business.

Stop by anytime.




Vintage Airstream Restoration & Repair


Airstream Unknowns

So Many Unknowns…..


With the travel trailer niche so explosive today regarding choices, costs, interiors and true valve (especially those built before 1970) how can an enthusiastic “owner to be” not be overwhelmed with all the choices and of course, all the materials needed to resurrect a 50 year old Airstream.


Stories and red flags cannot be understood by the inexperienced do it yourselfers. Hundreds and hundreds of questions come to my telephone line weekly since it doesn’t take much to intimidate the modern cabinet maker since a 2×4 is not in any way, linked to an aluminum rivet.


It has become so difficult to accommodate all inquiries, questions and frustrations that I have had to limit each incoming call to five (5) minutes.


Once the caller or curious owner gets his or her questions answered, another one pops right up behind the last.

I suggest reading as much detailed information and watching as many videos to make the buyer more comfortable before jumping into the deep end of the tool box!


E-mail can help a little but the spoken work is easier and more powerful to the caller.

A lot can be clarified in minutes compared to 11 paragraphs on rotten floors of a e-mailed question.

Feel free to become my best friend and take advantage of our generosity and experience for “real answers”


Tailoring your “Travel Trailer”


Locating a professional upholster for cushions, pillows, rips and curtains for your travel trailer has become, at times, a nightmare!!

The words “custom cushions” is almost impossible to plan for in your trailer since the worn-out fabrics are outdated and difficult to locate, measure and design.

Additionally most fabrics are running over the top for the per-yard cost.

$80.00 per yard for these covers is becoming commonplace. Out of necessity, we therefore assemble our own needle shop for “trailer travelers” only!

We can pass fabric and labor saving on to the trailer owner

Call Gene at 435-654-5465                                                                                                                                                              




What could be more inviting than a comfortable chair, seat, or pillow inside your custom Airstream travel trailer?

How about a row of kick-ass bar-stools lined up with your “fabric logo” advertising your unique brand.

Airstream gathers the curiosity; your business rings the cash register!! How do I know, we create unique upholstery items for corporations to Hollywood stars.

We give each client ideas, samples, design and more ideas from curtains to exotic leather. We repair worn out cushions and help coordinate family themes such as sailing, cowboys, and sports…..

First word when they walk into your unique Airstream trailer will be …..WOW!!!

Give us a call at 435-654-5465 and remember spring is around the corner. Make your sit-down personal appointment today.