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Forty-Seven-Year-Old Holding Tank!

Forty-Seven-Year-Old Holding Tank!

Just the thought of using a run-down worn out grey and black combo sewage tank makes me shiver.
More than shiver, these dinosaurs have a little if any capacity to protect trailer occupants and stay sanitized.

Imagine the lack of efficiency of all the fittings, decomposed glue, and worn out plastic. Therefore, there is no efficiency with any connections. For all to see, this is a health hazard and a must to rehab the rotted molding flooring as well as the frame which the tank sits on and probably leaks continuously.

To me, it’s amazing that so few new/vintage trailers owners purchasing vintage trailers disregard the need to eliminate this hazard regardless of cost. Just think about the exposure to fumes and unsanitary wood that the toilet sits on and that young children are exposed to even when just washing their hands.

The cost of making tanks seal properly and “hold” 100% of waste and waste products is “imperative”. Understanding your trailer from the ground up is a health responsibility to you and all that come close to a trailers restroom.

First things first. Prioritize health issues in a closed environment. It is more important than the cost of the tank and the correction to update your toilet and storage tank placement and conditions…. ALWAYS


Gene Magre

Cold Weather Nightmare!

Cold Weather Nightmare!

So, you said you winterized your Airstream trailer and put plenty of “anti-freeze” down the shower drain for winter temperatures.

Well then why was there water, and soggy carpet throughout the trailer in the spring?

I guess the answer logically is you didn’t “properly” winterize your Airstream trailer and now you have a few options if any. Beside digging deep into your pocket to correct water problems, water is an Airstream trailer most dreaded trailer invader.

Not only does poor winterizing require a big checkbook, but sloppy winterizing requires most of the guts, cabinets, flooring, under the bed storage and storage contents to be replaced and a strong dose of bleach be applied to all invisible as well as obvious areas.

Mold is nothing one should take lightly and “black mold” is definitely toxic. Lots of air, light and heat will help somewhat, but at the end of the clean-up I would definitely have a lab test for thoroughness and “safe to occupy” stamped deep into the inspection card for all to see.

You may refer to us and our professionals anytime you think your winterizing has not completely shut off the threat of an unsafe environment for you and your family’s safety.


Upgrading Interior and Design

Upgrading Interior and Design

To spotlight all our hard work and engineering vision for our Airstream trailers it became a must to add a design component to round out a very important “fashion department”.

To glue color, texture, fabrics and replacement for all to see and all to choose from is very important. This, to me, is one of the most gratifying parts of “trusting the process'” since it pulls all the loose ends together and allows the client a chance to step back, use personal experiences, and their gut.

The creative side of a woman’s intuition is most important. We spend a lot of our productive time keeping up with new trends, unique textures and design as well as out of the box brain storming

Our weekly meetings allow many layers of design to include male enthusiasts picking, choosing, and helping pick Airstream trailer themes to capture imaginations and human interest.

Quarterbacked by me, I can only say that this phase of gluing it all together has allowed our company to be on the cutting edge of new Airstream trailer thinking and compelling experimentation.


Missing, Broken, & Leaky Windows.

Missing, Broken, & Leaky Windows.

From day one, the word “window” has been a problem for millions of road travelers that need a tight seal with no leaks., and no sweating. If there is one single flaw regarding Airstream trailers manufactured before 1970 it’s the fact that few open and close without the seals cracking and the frames shifting out of plum eliminating moisture.

Many frames themselves do not line up with the body and therefore will never have that necessary “air and water-tight” closure.

Once the window is tweaked, it is almost impossible to re-configure it back to perfect form which it must be to have a snug seal. We have even experimented with heating the frame slightly to fit each window. Seldom does the heated metal retain the original shape. Almost always each window reverts back to the imperfect flawed symmetry.

Since we are always working on possible solutions, be prepared for a breakthrough! I will be the first to inform the Airstream community of our success. (Call me for more help)


Never Before —– Custom Fabric Interior Walls

Never Before 

Custom fabric interior walls. 

Of course, most Airstreams are pretty cool both inside and out, but a definite problem is brewing. 

Today, when most Airstream trailer interiors look alike, we are bending the rules. 

Being the passionate guy that I am, I couldn’t stand silent knowing there are many exciting new and different solutions to life that have not been explored. 

Boy, did I ever discover a “head turner” and possibly a home run “see photos”. 

Not only does the “over the top” silk interior look gorgeous with warmth, uniqueness, and “lure’, but what an internal business attraction for jewelry, clothing, and accessories for all ages. Our inner walls, ceiling and windows have an imported polished SILK (in any color) which most definitely will stop any shopper and also create a very exciting buzz around the exterior of the Airstream. 

I call it an Airstream on steroids. The few people that have seen the newly created interiors are coming up with a number of unique interior themes. 

Please use your imagination to apply your multi-colored interior fabrics to your show stopper internal showroom. 

I guarantee most will love the look!!! 



Dangerous Spike

No different from your children when situations, examples, and firmness need to be repeated in the learning process. Qualified professionals are difficult to locate in the Airstream Restoration business.

I wrote a blog some time ago everything works.” The end point of my story was that most fix-it folks know little or nothing about the safe restoration or the proper approach to trouble shooting the correct evaluations and repair procedures of many 20, 40, 60 year old Airstream trailers.

Recently, I have received many more than usual phone calls from disgruntled Classic Airstream owners who are beyond being pissed off at “RESTORATION” companies.

There is a growing danger of not fully understanding and therefore not fully completing the repair sequence of any older Airstream. Folks are so concerned that they now are bringing attorneys and lawsuits against make shift restorations companies  and “flippers”  in the business of making a quick buck.

The seriousness of driving down the freeway at 65 mph with your family in a sub-standard Airstream is real every day!!  Repairs where not and are not up to today’s standard safety procedures.

Call me should you feel you have a concern and that you need to talk another opinion out load.









Hidden problems and disappointments.


A fellow called me the other day from Maryland asking me questions about, “Airstream Food Trucks”.

He was ready to hop on the airplane and fly to Oklahoma to view a converted truck that was being sold for $52,000.00.

My questions to him was what did this food novice know about converted travel trailer kitchens on wheels.

He was excited by no means but naïve about the combinations of food, and Airstream trailer safety, and street valve of retrofitted “fad” truck, posing as healthy and innovative.

Remember, $52,000.00 is a lot of money to invest into an unknown vehicle 2000 miles away from the place you call home. Just because you purchase an Airstream trailer doesn’t mean you are ready for the street food niche. Also, is everything on and in the Airstream trailer is safe and up to code?

I could go on and on but to cut to the bottom line, your knowledge will help you make smart decisions about long distance flying and what to expect and look for once you’re there.

Don’t make the mistake that most folks make buying something not knowing about the history of something that could be a restaurant or even a certified scam.

Call Gene if you are interested in making your Airstream into a food/dessert/coffee or an event food trailer






(Now available for you!) 


After months of planning, designing and collaborating with some of the top fabric suppliers in the world, we at VARR, Inc. (Vintage Airstream Restorations & Repairs) came up with a one of a kind custom interior design for an Airstream!


We all know that the shiny exterior skin of an Airstream is the iconic symbol of something very interesting “to come”.   We also know that many if not most Airstreams look alike on the inside. Well, your look-a-like interior today has come to an end!


We have developed an application for any design to show off a world of originality and beauty. Our result is a perfectly molded FABRIC (cloth) interior that surrounds the occupant(s) into a world of softness and charm.


Unlike the white painted walls of most interiors, our “in house designer” will transfer your interior stage into almost any theme or occasion to receive a WOW”.

Fabric from silk to burlap on the interior walls of an Airstream creates an invitation to “come on in” and stay for a while.


Our application, developed by our interior specialist, can be installed from a $1.00 dollar a yard to over the top $100.00 per yard, depending on your intention and budget.


Gone are the days of plastic and sticky wallpaper. 


Call me for my personal input and ideas.

Stay posted for updated photo’s……





Emerald Green (Coming Soon)

There’s No Place like “HOME”

There’s No Place like “HOME”

An Airstream trailer can become your home…better than – never before have so many folks traveled our great country finding a abundance of history, and wonder that comes with travel.  If you think you missed the history you did not it just started, trust me!

Matter of fact, Airstream, especially Vintage Airstreams are becoming a way of life for many….the days of “loons” and “fads” are over and the lifestyle has become a romance for the Vintage Airstream travel trailer.

We can make it happen for you… (Vintage Airstream Restorations and Repairs)

Call Gene at 435-654-5465

Ruby Slippers

VARR, Inc. (Vintage Airstream Restorations & Repairs) problem solving

VARR, Inc. (Vintage Airstream Restorations & Repairs) problem solving


Here at VARR, Inc. (Vintage Airstream Restorations & Repairs) we are pushing ourselves to solving a very common problem that haunts all Airstream owners and the interior of their Airstream trailers both large and small.

Our innovative solution will guarantee the air and water tight construction of all Airstream trailers left in a field to rot for over 60 years.

After all you want to pass down your Airstream to your kids/grand kids so they too can explore the back roads of our great country and or custom design your brand in a Vintage Airstream trailer.

Call VARR, Inc.  (Vintage Airstream Restorations & Repairs) at 435-654-5465 or e-mail to get more information on how to save these American made silver bullets.


(Vintage Airstream Restorations & Repairs)