Airstream Pride & Diversity

We have taken a lot of pain and thought let alone time and money to accumulate our unique iconic Airstream inventory. Our representation of the enclosed collection has taken us years to display. We are very proud to be known across America to have such a history of one of America’s more respected niches.

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Holding Tanks

Holding tanks, replacement and repairs. Knowing that most vintage airstream trailers have been abandoned to an open field or the north side of a barn for sometimes decades, “plastic holding tanks” usually cannot withstand the elements and extreme changes of weather conditions.

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Airstream Specialists

Wow… I’ve never come across so many Airstream “repair experts” that are giving technical advice to many travel enthusiasts. I was just wondering if Harvard or Yale recently instituted a new curriculum on the restoration process and the fine detail repair for the hundreds if not thousands of abandoned trailers coast to coast.

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Axles, Brakes and Bearing – “Safety First”

When I locate a trailer to purchase for our inventory that fits our parameters including size, length, interior and exterior condition, I always make sure I get on my knees and inspect the trailers underbelly. A lot of unknowns are wrapped up in tires, axles, brakes and bearings. The axle is probably one of the most overlooked components for a safe trip on the travel trailers, gliding down the highway at 70 miles per hour. From the initial sight inspection, not much can be seen or evaluated.

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Many Times a Potential Airstream Buyer Can Get Overly Excited…

Many times a potential Airstream buyer can get overly excited and even blinded by emotions when on the “hunt” for their perfect piece of history to purchase.

It must be noted that long before the exchange of money, the enthusiastic buyer (buyers) must know the basic background of each vintage trailer being considered to own and as much visible inspections are good but dig as deep as you can with the seller to find the flaws….and there are many.

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Lessons Learned – Guest Blogger – Josh Wood

The only way to truly “learn” about full time travel is to actually do it. You can log countless hours of research to the point of insanity, but there is no substitute for experience.

Now this post could turn into a book really fast, so I’m going to try to touch on what I feel to be very important for those who are considering travelling full time, or even extended travel periods, in a trailer or RV.

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