Vintage Airstream Insurance or Accident Claims

Vintage Airstream Insurance or Accident Claims

When it comes to owning Your Dream Vintage Airstream trailer you have many expenses and since Airstreams are vintage they may not be replaceable with the normal insurance claim. It is important to know how to speak with your insurance agent in the case of an accident.

With the purchase of an Airstream trailer you may have Repairs and or Restorations that increase the value of your prize possession. At VARR we can educate your insurance agent and help with the replacement or cost of repairs so that you can have your baby back in the same condition before the accident happened.

We restore, repair and sell vintage Airstreams and know the value so before you settle you should know the facts.

Concerns You May Have With Insurance

What type of insurance should I purchase?

  • What is the replacement value I should insure on my trailer?
  • How should I update my insurance as I restore/repair my trailer?
  • What is the best way to transport or tow my trailer?
  • Which insurance companies will insure my trailer?

Gene can answer your questions or concerns when it comes to getting questions answered and what to discuss with your agent when getting insurance and especially if you have to file an accident insurance claim.

In summary:

Let us educate the insurance company for you so you get all the repairs cost you deserve when it comes to your vintage Airstream insurance claim after an accident.

Insurance companies do not understand vintage replacement values ince they have “no” experience with vintage Airstream travel trailers.

Call Gene for more detailed information on Vintage Airstream Insurance or Accident Claims.