Airstream Polishing

There’s No Place like “HOME”

An Airstream trailer can become your home…better than – never before have so many folks traveled our great country finding a abundance of history, and wonder that comes with travel.  If you think you missed the history you did not it just started, trust me!

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VARR, Inc. (Vintage Airstream Restorations & Repairs) problem solving

Here at VARR, Inc. (Vintage Airstream Restorations & Repairs) we are pushing ourselves to solving a very common problem that haunts all Airstream owners and the interior of their Airstream trailers both large and small. Our innovative solution will guarantee the air and water tight construction of all Airstream trailers left in a field to rot for over 60 years.

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Out of the Park Airstream Client

Recently we were contacted by one of the world’s most well known Hollywood actors…. The contact was a “SOS” to take over the responsibility to complete a very difficult Airstream restoration project that was started months before, by another company.

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Airstream Pride & Diversity

We have taken a lot of pain and thought let alone time and money to accumulate our unique iconic Airstream inventory. Our representation of the enclosed collection has taken us years to display. We are very proud to be known across America to have such a history of one of America’s more respected niches.

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Airstream Unknowns

So Many Unknowns….. With the travel trailer niche so explosive today regarding choices, costs, interiors and true valve (especially those built before 1970) how can an enthusiastic “owner to be” not be overwhelmed with all the choices and of course, all the materials needed to resurrect a 50 year old Airstream.

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Warmth, Comfort, Theme

What could be more inviting than a comfortable chair, seat, or pillow inside your custom Airstream travel trailer? How about a row of kick-ass bar-stools lined up with your “fabric logo” advertising your unique brand. Airstream gathers the curiosity; your business rings the cash register!! How do I know, we create unique upholstery items for corporations to Hollywood stars.

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VIN Numbers

VIN Numbers Vehicle Identification Numbers for Vintage Airstream trailers are extremely important since without them no buyer would every know if the trailer you are looking to purchase is stolen (or has been stolen) VIN numbers on Vintage Airstream trailers are located usually on the right side of each door on a identification plaque. Numbers are usually engraved into the metal.

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Airstream Specialists

Wow… I’ve never come across so many Airstream “repair experts” that are giving technical advice to many travel enthusiasts. I was just wondering if Harvard or Yale recently instituted a new curriculum on the restoration process and the fine detail repair for the hundreds if not thousands of abandoned trailers coast to coast.

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Axles, Brakes and Bearing – “Safety First”

When I locate a trailer to purchase for our inventory that fits our parameters including size, length, interior and exterior condition, I always make sure I get on my knees and inspect the trailers underbelly. A lot of unknowns are wrapped up in tires, axles, brakes and bearings. The axle is probably one of the most overlooked components for a safe trip on the travel trailers, gliding down the highway at 70 miles per hour. From the initial sight inspection, not much can be seen or evaluated.

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