Airstream Window Repairs

Window Repairs

Airstream windows are one of the most attractive attributes on an Airstream trailer. The unique airplane-style riveted windows seem to have a magical way of sparking the imagination.

The unique Airstream windows are beautiful, but very difficult to install and or replace. They absolutely need to fit perfectly and be sealed water tight so that no moisture can seep through.

A leaking window can open the door to an on slaw of issues that can become not only a health hazard, but also a difficult fix. Like all things Airstream repair, it’s better to do it right the first time!

Window Installation

Window installation takes extreme care and precision to make sure everything fits as tight as possible so that the window is completely water tight. If needed we custom shape a new window frame, install the glass, then carefully fit it into the aluminum fuselage body of your vintage Airstream.

Window Replacement

  • Glass Windows
  • Plexi Glass
  • Dual Glaze Service
  • Custom Framing
  • Water Tight Sealing
  • New Rubber Seals

A Bit of Airstream History

Ever since Airstream started their trailer production business in 1931, many trailers have traveled the world and experienced all the different weather conditions. Each weather condition has a different effect on the trailers and the exterior aluminum skin that makes them so iconic. One of the drawbacks of course is the difficulty to keep each aluminum window water tight.

Up until the late 80’s and early 90’s, most window models leaked somewhere if not everywhere. Repairing leaky windows is difficult, very time consuming, and expensive. Unless the trailer owner maintains the seals every year you will experience leakage or condensation. To make matter worse, seals on all trailer roof vents are notoriously subject to comprimise unless the owner is conscientious and vigilant year round. After time the leaky windows must be de-riveted and taken completely out. Each rivet must be drilled out to permit this removal. This is a costly repair and unfortunately is the best solution for older leaky windows.

When Airstream owners call us, many seem to have their own remedy for leaky window problems. It is not until they have exhausted a list of failed solutions that they give careful consideration to our repair experience and ability to fix the leaky window repair challenges. There are only a handful of repair companies in America that understand the right and wrong way to approach the repair. Most repair companies are limited to a small number of qualified glass specialists they employ for these detailed and expensive repairs to disassemble correctly and re-connect the window the the body. Never take a sellers word that there are no leaks anywhere and know that we are here to help! We can take care of the tedious work for you and use a commercial rubber based sealant that reduces breaks in the seal during your travel and the vibration that happen on the road.

You can see examples of the window repair process HERE.

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