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Hunting Down Insurance Professionals

This question is becoming a “gaint” problem for older and newer owners as well the mechanics.

Who do you turn to when you have an accident with your travel trailer?

There are just a few companies country wide that understand repair costs and the complex estimating process.

Appraising value of each trailer associated with an accident is unique and different and most of the time overwhelming for the unseasoned employee and for the underwriter.

He or she has seldom if ever seen a new or vintage trailer that was crushed by an eighteen wheeler.

Therefore, “value”, both time and materials becomes job number one to get accurate replacement parts if even availability.

Post fifty year old travel trailers sometimes become much more work and need replacement and need experienced specialists.

Most owners could not have imagined how few, if any insurance companies understand the experience and detail needed to safely rebuild the guts of a damaged trailer, both structurally and cosmetically.

Where to start when the complex re-building process begins?

It takes years of knowledge, troubleshooting and acquired talent to keep all things and material cost balanced and repaired perfectly including repair materials.

Labor costs sky rocket overnight when attempting to reconstruct damaged sections of a trailer that was in an accident.

In an attempt to assist those of you frustrated with repair shops-listen up!! Locating a company or individual who not only understands the true street value of these rare inventions but also the true dollar value to repair any and all damage caused by an accident, is for sure, going to be very difficult.

We have relationships with some of the largest and most respected insurance carriers in America.

Since we understand trailering better that most, call me to get comfortable and more knowledgeable about this wonderful niche.

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