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Airstream Specialists

Wow… I’ve never come across so many Airstream “repair experts” that are giving technical advice to many travel enthusiasts.
I was just wondering if Harvard or Yale recently instituted a new curriculum on the restoration process and the fine detail repair for the hundreds if not thousands of abandoned trailers coast to coast.

One word of caution…Up until 2-3 years ago most folks didn’t know how to spell “Airstream”, but today there are so many uneducated repair specialists taking apart or (gutting) the once handsome collectibles now being used for families, homes, and businesses.

Another word of caution….to be honest, most of these wannabe’s do not know the first thing about Airstream let alone how to back one up, park, or for that matter, hook up the black tank.
Knowledge comes slowly as does the practice of keeping each trailer up to date, and functional.

With the popularity and new found culture with Airstreams it is not hard to see why the Airstream name and trailer itself has stood the test of time, not much different from a 50 year old fuselage still flying toward the wild blue yonder.
An “Olympic” rivet shot into the body every inch makes a consistent and strong seam which allows most Airstreams to outlast the owner.

Remember, each screw and glue application make it difficult to outlast the strength and versatility of riveting by a true specialist…not a weekend warrior turning the calendar to his 12 year of tinkering.

Specialist do not tinker, they create and cause a lot of emotion to once again say “WOW”.

Correctly restore those components that need professional attention.

Buyer, Beware!!

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