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Axles, Brakes and Bearing – “Safety First”

When I locate a trailer to purchase for our inventory that fits our parameters including size, length, interior and exterior condition, I always make sure I get on my knees and inspect the trailers underbelly. A lot of unknowns are wrapped up in tires, axles, brakes and bearings. The axle is probably one of the most overlooked components for a safe trip on the travel trailers, gliding down the highway at 70 miles per hour. From the initial sight inspection, not much can be seen or evaluated.

Therefore, a more in-depth evaluation would be advised. If the torsion bar of the axles slopes forward that indicates that the axle is functioning properly.

If the axle bar shows a lot of rust and a loose spindle it’s time to take the underbelly “real” serious!

Axles are not cheap but a smooth ride and a dependable braking system are a must for all inside and out of the trailer.
Once the hubs and backing plates are exposed, safe brake pads and wheel bearings can be easily evaluated and replaced (if needed).
Should one wheel be acceptable but the other side questionable, I would personally replace both components at the same time?
A little extra cost up front will save you money and lives down the road, always go the extra mile for “safety”.

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