Airstreams by Varr

Sanitizing 60 Years or More

Just think about the amount of accumulation of things: food, old clothing, leaky pipes, mold, and anything one can remember that spilled on the old “shag” carpet. All this plus the leftovers of the now dead animals. Saying goodbye to a Vintage Airstream that sat in a field for fifty years is not the most […]

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Amazing Growth and Lifestyle

Being involved with so many aspects of trailering, I recently came across an interview with the President of Winnebago (parent company of Airstream). The interview was fascinating. Fifteen minutes of nothing but positive input and recognition for a pioneering company and exciting niche.

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Forty Seven Year Old Holding Tank!

Just the thought of using a run-down worn out grey and black combo sewage tank makes me shiver. More than shiver, these dinosaurs have a little if any capacity to protect trailer occupants and stay sanitized. Imagine the lack of efficiency of all the fittings, decomposed glue, and worn out plastic. Therefore, there is no […]

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