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Forty Seven Year Old Holding Tank!

Just the thought of using a run-down worn out grey and black combo sewage tank makes me shiver. More than shiver, these dinosaurs have a little if any capacity to protect trailer occupants and stay sanitized.

Imagine the lack of efficiency of all the fittings, decomposed glue, and worn out plastic. Therefore, there is no efficiency with any connections. For all to see, this is a health hazard and a must to rehab the rotted molding flooring as well as the frame which the tank sits on and probably leaks continuously.

To me, it’s amazing that so few new/vintage trailers owners purchasing vintage trailers disregard the need to eliminate this hazard regardless of cost. Just think about the exposure to fumes and unsanitary wood that the toilet sits on and that young children are exposed to even when just washing their hands.

The cost of making tanks seal properly and “hold” 100% of waste and waste products is “imperative”. Understanding your trailer from the ground up is a health responsibility to you and all that come close to a trailers restroom.

First things first. Prioritize health issues in a closed environment. It is more important than the cost of the tank and the correction to update your toilet and storage tank placement and conditions…. ALWAYS


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