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Amazing Growth and Lifestyle

Being involved with so many aspects of trailering, I recently came across an interview with the President of Winnebago (parent company of Airstream).

The interview was fascinating. Fifteen minutes of nothing but positive input and recognition for a pioneering company and exciting niche.

The stock price since January of this year was up over 40% WOW!! The President of the company (Michael Happe, CEO) sees continued physical growth and expansion along with exceptional employment opportunities in the mid-western states.

Happe is very bullish on the new outdoor frenzy heading rapidly toward independent living on the road.

Travelers today want to be off the grid but “connected” to many phases of the new technologies to have more freedom. Also, the Vintage Airstream lifestyles produce unique and efficient esthetic opportunities with a twist of 40, 50 and 60-year-old memories.

“Remote” is the buzz/word for the niche. For me, the idea of independent lifestyles (especially for younger “tech and non-tech folks” is what it’s about.

Additionally, you don’t have to fly around the country looking to be on time for job interviews. Today you don’t have to set an alarm clock.

Winnebago and Airstream are independent businesses allowing both niches as well as a more consistent quality of life.

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