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Sanitizing 60 Years or More

Just think about the amount of accumulation of things: food, old clothing, leaky pipes, mold, and anything one can remember that spilled on the old “shag” carpet.

All this plus the leftovers of the now dead animals. Saying goodbye to a Vintage Airstream that sat in a field for fifty years is not the most hygienic warehouse for camping, sleeping and cooking.

So, when we get to a point and decide it’s time for a spring clean-out and restoration, every cleaning agent should be used to cut through the grime and decades of poor cleaning habits.

We feel the process must be taken very seriously. To be sure, we empty the trailer completely and pressure wash, with a commercial pressure washer machine, near 300 degrees of hot steam, water and detergents.

This professionally decontaminates and eliminates the build up of years of neglect. Many folks today have allergies and dangerous reactions to new soaps, clothing and foods.

We can assure each of you that the prevention and elimination of caustic particles is our number one objective for all zones effected by lackadaisical cleaning methods and 50 years of sloppy make believe “deep cleaning”

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