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Airstream Polishing

If your Airstream looks like it has splotchy patches this is the clearcoat that is peeling away.

You cannot start polishing until you get rid of the clearcoat and this process is very messy process but it’s a must. You first have to apply a premium stripper (make sure you wear goggles, mask and heavy duty rubber gloves) also, if you have children or animals keep them away!

Before you apply the stripper on your trailer cover all plastic parts, if you don’t the stripper will eat away the plastic!

This process of getting rid of the clearcoat may take two application of the stripper, once this step is done then you are ready to start polishing.

I have attached a link from “Vintage Trailer Supply” that has step by step instructions and if you think this is too difficult we here at VARR – Vintage Airstream Restorations can make your life easier by polishing your airstream for you.

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