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What’s the Price?

Often times Airstream enthusiasts become somewhat annoyed with us since our policy is not to publish buy and sell pricing on our website.

Prices fluctuate often and many would be owners want to tackle things like “demo” themselves to save money. Attempting to educate the buyers or sellers can also become complex and confusing.

Prices for apples and bananas fluctuate daily and the Airstream world is no different. When a prospective buyer sees a picture of an Airstream forty feet away from the camera, reality and accurate evaluation for repair costs make all restorations sometimes very difficult if not impossible.

Additionally, we also get more than one professional involved in evaluations and costs associated with restoring all questionable components in order to give clients and would-be clients an opportunity to substitute repair material.

Thickness, texture etc….all have an impact on individual prices for 1 panel as well as those impacted by the elements or an accident affecting the entire trailer.

So, when confronted by a price for the trailer in whole or part, we sometimes must be careful. In many cases, a price could be the farthest thing from exact.

We all need to be professional when evaluating object of value and work within the true price range but also the realistic range or stated value.

Contact Gene for more information on restorations and or repairs.

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