The Art of “Blog” Creation

Little did I know that the creation of a “blog” was going to become one of the strengths and necessary components of one’s website. I rapidly found each blog became a link, a connection that glued individuals together in order to explore answers to similar themes. To explore each blog writer or blog reader could benefit from a similar problem or situation. That are the blogs most powerful objective.

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Head “East” Young Man

Recently I got to thinking that there is something definitely wrong with the Airstream travel world of yester year. For some odd reason, my telephone rarely stops ringing from folks calling from those states East of the Mississippi river. Far too many calls were made by Airstream lovers who were frustrated by the fact that they couldn’t locate trailers (vintage) to buy!

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Just One More Question

It’s amazing to me as to how many folks call me personally and ask for answers to questions, scenarios estimated value etc.…… with nothing more than “yeah, can you tell me the weight of a 1973 Overland Airstream trailer if it was fully gutted. People call me from all over the world with these types of questions…. I always suggest doing a little home work on the model, year, photos and a lot of details from the internet before wasting time.

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We Do Things The Old Way…The Right Way!

Whether we are checking for propane leaks or burned out bearings, there’s only one way to repair a dated Airstream travel trailer…. The repair must be done with confidence, experience and checked numerous times since the right way is no different from any improvement….it must be and it must have a clear objective regarding the solution to sometimes very complicated choices.

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What’s the Price?

Often times Airstream enthusiasts become somewhat annoyed with us since our policy is not to publish buy and sell pricing on our website. Prices fluctuate often and many would be owners want to tackle things like “demo” themselves to save money. Attempting to educate the buyers or sellers can also become complex and confusing.

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