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Let Your Vintage Airstream Shine Like It Is New

When you bought your vintage Airstream trailer back in the day, it was all shiny and exquisite. But many years have passed and oxidation has left its mark. The aluminum panels have lost their glimmer and your Airstream trailer now looks all old and dull. This should not be a problem for you. Leave it to us at VARR. We will polish your vintage Airstream trailer back to new.

VARR 5-Step Polishing Process

VARR has a 5-step polishing process for vintage Airstream trailers. This process is aimed at cleansing the aluminum panels and bringing the shine back on. We start with oxidation removal before proceeding to clear-coat removal and finally paint removal. Our technicians now start working on the mirror finish to make your Airstream trailer as shiny as new. Finally, we apply the sealant to keep the shine on for a long time.

Cost & Time Considerations

You might be worried that this polishing process will cost you a fortune and that your trailer will not be ready for a long time. VARR considers the size of the Airstream trailer, thickness or gauge of the aluminum, thickness of clear-coat applied, and severity of oxidation when determining the price and time of Airstream polishing.

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