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Airstream Unknowns

So Many Unknowns…..

With the travel trailer niche so explosive today regarding choices, costs, interiors and true valve (especially those built before 1970) how can an enthusiastic “owner to be” not be overwhelmed with all the choices and of course, all the materials needed to resurrect a 50 year old Airstream.

Stories and red flags cannot be understood by the inexperienced do it yourselfers. Hundreds and hundreds of questions come to my telephone line weekly since it doesn’t take much to intimidate the modern cabinet maker since a 2×4 is not in any way, linked to an aluminum rivet.

It has become so difficult to accommodate all inquiries, questions and frustrations that I have had to limit each incoming call to five (5) minutes.

Once the caller or curious owner gets his or her questions answered, another one pops right up behind the last.

I suggest reading as much detailed information and watching as many videos to make the buyer more comfortable before jumping into the deep end of the tool box!

E-mail can help a little but the spoken work is easier and more powerful to the caller.

A lot can be clarified in minutes compared to 11 paragraphs on rotten floors of a e-mailed question.

Feel free to become my best friend and take advantage of our generosity and experience for “real answers”

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