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Airstream Safety

Without a doubt, Airstreams are cool, admired, and sought after by back country road enthusiasts. As my Airstream friend, know that you can contact me at Vintage Airstream Restorations and Repairs for a free “safety” consultation for ideas and hints about everything from leaking windows to worn-out axles. Safety must come first regardless of year, model, or condition!

We’re here to help out in any way we can, just remember like all things, Airstreams need to be maintained!
Below we have the perfect example of the potentially DISASTEROUS consequences due to lack of knowledge when repairing your trailer. An Airstream enthusiast purchased a trailer and allowed a company to restore and repair it in San Diego. This person came to us displeased because different appliances and systems weren’t working properly.

As a result of our “safety check”, we discovered where the repairer had covered the vent for the propane system, thus restricting the ventilation. The aluminum panel had started to warp because of the extreme heat. (see first picture)
We installed the proper ventilation covers, as pictured in the transition picture. Had this problem not been fixed, it could have become a VERY FLAMMABLE situation! We are so glad that they came to us.

We can’t stress enough the IMPORTANCE of having trained professionals on the job to ensure the safety of you and your family!!
Happy travels to all of you this weekend as you enjoy the open road and all adventures ahead of you!

Here it is patched up and ready for the road!

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