Body Off

  • As our business continues to grow worldwide we have had to implement more sophisticated technology to keep up with the demand for restoration details and efficiency.

    The corporate world(s) have suggested years ago the need to have print capabilities. Now the day has come for "CAD" mapping since many Airstreams are being designed with many complicated profiles and floor-plans.

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  • After all the planning, the repairs and replacement items, the original Airstream project is ready for those touches that make it a gem and a travel niche leader.

    Coordination of the different elements of fabric color, sample texture and personal patterns, the interior theme and accent qualities are complete.

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  • My style of writing is short, and to the point with few question marks.

    By BLOGS are more “cowboy” than HARVARD, but most folks get my points. For the cowboy blog today, I am going to speak (write) loud and clear about the dangers of taking a body off an older Airstream Trailer and replacing the rust, rats, and compromised aluminum with healthy newly manufactured replacement steel.

    The challenge is and always has been for the novice is, an understanding of the complexities of how the round peg goes into the round hole!

    Without this knowledge or experience (which most folks have ‘NONE”) the Airstream restoration project will never be road worthy and safe for you, your family or business.

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