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Your Airstream Ready And Safe For The Next Sunny Season?

Safety is of paramount importance when it comes to road travel. Before you take your vintage Airstream trailer for a road trip this coming sunny season, make sure that it’s safe in every possible way. Gene Magre, the founder and owner of VARR, always insists that “safety and attention to detail are of utmost importance.” You should not take safety for granted when going on a road trip in your Airstream trailer.

Airstream Safety

The first and most important safety activity for Airstream trailers is inspection. You need a detailed Airstream inspection preferably by a professional from VARR. The inspection will reveal any faults or damages in your trailer. We will also do a diagnostic road test, a suspension stress test, and chassis inception, repair, and alignment.

Add On Safety Equipment

To enhance the safety of your Airstream trailer, VARR recommends the installation of add-on safety equipment. A sway bar is one of the most important parts of a trailer because it enables safe or consistent weight distribution. About 90% of our clients at VARR request the Blue OX Sway Pro weight distribution hitch. You should consider the weather conditions before setting out on a road trip.

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