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"Understanding" Your Airstream Restoration Budget!

Ready or not here she comes…but when she gets here one must anticipate all the problems inherent with neglected old, dirty, metal that sat in a field for 50 or so years.

There is a distinct odor associated with the rust and non-living mice. Just cleaning up the leftovers of time and decay is about to take a big chunk out of your pocket and your budget. This would be a great time to step back and assess the remains of the non-functional trailer or non-functional parts and put a check-list on the top of the table for a realistic evaluation.

Most of the time all the component parts (refrigerator, heater, sinks, etc.)…have outlived their utility and your budget is about to shrink quickly. Something has to give but you should plan each restoration item so that you don’t find yourself short of wood, or tile, or electrical wire before completing each necessary phase or overhead light installation.

“Catalog’s’ and the internet can be very helpful in getting dimensions, unit pricing and photos that make the component selection process much more enjoyable and simplistic.

I always suggest to phase (phase 1 phase 2, etc.) A restoration plan and budget before the first rivet is removed…. whatever one comes up with to make a trailer safe and handsome…. add approximately 20-25% to your budget because plans are made to be broken, and sometimes shattered.

Don’t feel bad…most folks throw up their hands in the first couple of weeks of the restoration. The cry for help can be heard from all over the repair facility!

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