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Tis The Season

Tis the number one objective, for all your trailer travelers, is to keep the pipes from freezing. We all know that the margin of error is small when winterizing any standard travel trailer.

Even more difficult is not playing it to close to the freezing number (32° F) or just forgetting to calendar date the time to avoid freezing water.

Beating the sub-zero date is good business since it will save a lot of money should one of the pipes spring a leak. Then…. it is too late.

Even worse is the fact that there are not many “fix it shops” that can roll up their sleeves and repair things like mold and saturated carpets.

All in all, the best objective when the leaves start turning colors is to put a note on the refrigerator and a string around your finger so you don’t have to break your piggy bank and pay for all the repairs including a new bank or a new tube of glue.

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