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Time To Start Thinking About De-Winterizing

The cold chilly winter season is almost over and it’s time to de-winterize your Airstream trailer for the spring road trip. There are many things that you did to winterize your trailer at the start of the cold season and now it’s time to undo them. You will start by thoroughly inspecting your Airstream trailer. You will also need to give it a full bath cleaning both the interior and the exterior. You will check and recheck everything and make sure that the trailer is fully safe for the road.

Leaky Window Repair & Replacement

One of the main areas of concern when de-winterizing your Airstream trailer is the windows. You have to make sure that all the windows are sealed tight. If you notice any leaky windows, bring your Airstream trailer to VARR. We are experts in repairing and replacing leaky Airstream windows.

Thorough Inspection

At VARR, we install, repair, and replace all types of Airstream windows. If you do not know how to de-winterize your Airstream trailer, you can call us at VARR and we will help out with everything. We will check all the electrical and plumbing areas and make sure that your polished trailer is safe for the road.


  • Connect city water supply to city water inlet.
  • Turn on the water.
  • Open hot and cold faucets, and let the water run until it is clear (no link).
  • Turn yellow bypass valve on water heater inlet so water enters water heater.
  • Run hot water until air clears, and water comes out.

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