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The Other Rainy Season Is Upon Us

The spring season is a welcome relief from the cold winter season. The warm weather is accompanied by heavy rainfall. If you own an Airstream trailer, you should be prepared for the upcoming rainy season. One of the major areas of concern should be the floor of your trailer. You should inspect the subfloor and the floor of your Airstream trailer to ensure that it’s in good condition. If you need partial repairs or a full floor replacement, give us a call at VARR for assistance.

Choose Floor Materials

When it comes to floor repairs or replacements, the first thing that you need to do is choose the right floor materials for your Airstream trailer. VARR works with all types of floors including hardwood, linoleum, cork, tile, bamboo, carpet, stone, vinyl, and many more. We can help you choose the best floor depending on your tastes and preferences.

Floor Repair/Replacement

The floor of your Airstream trailer should not only be strong and secure, but it should also be dry. Our experts at VARR will customer-cut, fit, and install the subfloor and the moisture barrier on the chassis before replacing the aluminum body. We will then install the flooring material of your choice.

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