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The First Time Dazzled Buyer

Bob’s alarm went off exactly at 6:30 am for him to get out of the house and to the airport for the 8 am flight to Dallas. This was an exciting morning since Bob was flying from Bozeman, Montana to see for the first time ever his newly acquired 1972 31-foot Airstream trailer.

The seller shared a list of Airstream components that Bob was flying to see before he committed to the balance of the sale price.

If I had any lessons to share with the excited “dazzled first time buyer” it would be to familiarize one’s self with as much information that “Google” can search out and simplify for you to make sure you understand words, phrases, lingo —– because once Bob is touched down in Dallas he may be disappointed with a trailer that is dazzled with nice photos by no subfloor.

Being careful about emotion is becoming one of the hardest balancing acts to the naive buyer. More and more folks just call me up with questions after questions or disappointment after disappointment since “dazzling” makes new, first time buyers blind to the real condition and repair or restoration costs that scares most of us.

If I had to give all of you a little wisdom I would make sure your alarm clock has plenty of time to reset your flight time to Dallas or any other dazzling Airstream pad in order to get the best information or confident knowledge and good decision making.

Call me for a specific time for me to help clarify the sometimes-confusing data and costs that cause folks to jump onto the plane to Dallas unprepared to understand as much detail as possible before takeoff.

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