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Spring Preparation list of Things to do...

It’s always a good thing to not wait until the last minute to put your punch-list together in preparation for SPRING trailering. Spring comes around sooner that you think!

Not only do we all tend to forget some of the most important check list things going back to warmer temperatures inside the trailer, but we all have a few forgetful moments regarding the most important word…. safety!

We need to prepare us adults, and kids for being ready on the road for almost any potential problem or mishap and any component that was working but no longer functions properly.

Any component that sits during off seasons (sometimes months) should make sure every moving part of the trailer has been evaluated before it’s put on the road looking for a campsite.

Everything needs to be “maintained” and frequently evaluated, so the SPRING checkup is a great place to start and an important benchmark to monitor.

Enclosed is a good reference list of double checks one should consider before taking off down the highway.

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