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Replace Your Rotten Sub-Floor And Secure Your Family

Your vintage Airstream trailer has a subfloor that rests on the chassis. The subfloor is covered with a moisture barrier and then you have the finished floor that you see in your trailer. The subfloor of your trailer wears out over time. The floor rots away mainly due to exposure to moisture. A rotten subfloor is a serious safety hazard in your vintage Airstream trailer. You should bring it to VARR for repairs or replacement.

Airstream Subfloor Repair/Or Replacement

VARR inspects the subfloor of your vintage Airstream trailer first before we decide whether to repair or replace the whole subfloor. If the subfloor is beyond repair, we remove it and then prep and repair the chassis before installing a new subfloor. We will custom cut, fit, and then install the new subfloor. VARR usually uses wood for subfloors but many customers are now requesting hybrid materials.

Airstream Finished Floor Repair/Replacement

After installing the subfloor and moisture barrier, we will reinstall the Aluminum body, and then start working on the floor finish. You can choose any type of material that you want for your finished floor including tile, carpet, stone, vinyl, hardwood, linoleum, cork, and bamboo among many others. VARR will install your floor just as you want it.

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