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One Shoe Fits All

If it is not one thing, it is another. If it is one problem it is another, or the problem can be eliminated completely with a defense plan!

We have a defense plan! It can be said that there are many ways to “skin a cat” and that there is usually a solution to most problems.

In the world of travel there seems to be a need to eliminate a condition that persists inside every travel camper at one time or another during the trailer life.

Cleanliness and sanitizing the internal compartments are a must. Each kitchen, bathroom, food storage facility will attract the wrong critters and their offspring’s. Being “sanitary” for the small and unseen environments should be a must for all hitchhikers.

A good power wash with heated water and disinfectants also lend to the overall elimination of micro-organisms that cause disease and extended sickness.

The word virus today supports the deadly effect of infection out of control with little or no medicines to reduces the incidence of these silent killers or a cure to reduce everyone’s immunity to a give outbreak.

One must be aware of what to look for since many parts of sanitizing process go unnoticed. A monthly routine and cleanly sweep will serve itself as an important protection to the invisible problems that occur constantly.

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