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Metal vs. Plastic Wheel Wells

It’s hard to believe that the Airstream corporation would have overlooked one of its most important component designs during its evolution.

Anyone who has owned or is planning an upgrading or restoration is aware of the “plastic wheel wells” that came stock on most early designs and build outs. Cracking, leaky, broken or sometimes completely missing interior the “protectors”

Across the board they don’t seem to protect too much of anything that rides on the axles. Protecting valuables inside the trailer is job #1.

Since I have owned hundreds of these coaches and found most to be inadequate water preventers dating back to the early days. My inventive personality came up with a solution that is now proving consistent for all trailers in my niche market 1931-1975.

I have enclosed photos to compare the foot print and the new fabricated street model. Wheel well metal (including our proven water tested sealant.) Has reduced one of the most important additions to “dry” trailer travel.

Since no two trailers are exactly alike, each wheel well is cut for “specifics”. The flooring, the wheel, tire and tire size. Sounds complicated ———–and it is.

But all this extra works makes us the “pros” that stand behind our products and labor. Stay tuned to the difficult task of aluminum welding which strengthens even the most difficult seam, rip or hole.

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