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It's Not A Blog...It's A Story

It’s a love affair, a something one cannot put down, a promise, a yearning, a feeling of oneness and commitment that brings our fellow Airstream travelers together.

Not all, and not always, but often, or when they can look forward to being together with as many as one. It’s a lure, a gathering of similar folks, a force that pulls together those who promise to venture out and ride the wind that propels the easy glide of the Airstream trailer piercing the wind and coastinguphill with little resistance.

There’s a magical anticipation on the arrival time or the secret stretch of highway where the pre-planned group promised to gather as one. Few, if any trip coordinators can duplicate this lure for togetherness.

The sometimes-quirky Airstream crowd exemplifies, smiles are“board stiff”, hugs and graduation like handshakes. Another happy amalgamation of Vintage travelers starts a long weekend of rooted American contented travel history and their “bucket list” to see.

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