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Hooked On

In the horse world, it is well known that when a rider and a horse feel comfortable and confident with one-another the relationship is called “hooked on”. That trust relationship makes for a safer and more consistent test of the ups and downs of each day for both horse and rider.

The Airstream trailer world seems to have a similar chemistry to owner and trailer. The more comfortable the hauling owner understands the limitations, and capabilities of the different trailer components the easier things will be set by the trailer manufacturer.

For this alone, it is a very good idea to stay up to date and attentive regarding all parts of trailering that could cause a shift in “travel balance”.

Going back to my horse analogy, all riders should instinctively know when the motor (horse) they are perched on is good to go or not up to par.

It is that understanding and sensitive timing to immediately address an awareness for a stop and check rather than proceeding with a knot in your tummy. Knowing you should have pulled the trailer over or opened the emergency door to check on your four-legged friend is necessary and instinctive.

The goal for each outing or destination is a safe arrival…… “hooking on” should be added to your vocabulary regardless of the species you haul or that hauls…

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