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Free Your Airstream From Any Contamination

When we talk about Airstream safety at VARR, we usually focus on mechanical safety issues. But there is another very important aspect of Airstream safety and it has to do with contamination and proper sanitation. If you want to stay healthy while riding your Airstream, you have to make sure it’s clean and sanitary. This will keep you and your family all safe and healthy throughout your road trip this spring.

Why Sanitize And Disinfect Your Airstream

There are many reasons why you should sanitize your vintage Airstream trailer before taking it on the road. For starters, the trailer has been sitting out there and it could have become a “toilet” for rodents. All these rodent droppings should be removed. It could also have collected many other contaminants including mold throughout the winter season. Come to VARR for professional Airstream sanitizing and disinfecting.

Mold Removal & Total Decontamination

At VARR, we remove mold and fully decontaminate your vintage Airstream trailer to new. We use a high-powered pressure washer with 2700 psi and at 250-degree Fahrenheit to remove all dirt, debris, grime, and any other contaminants that might be in your Airstream trailer. Now you can take your silver bullet on the road without getting contaminated or infected.

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