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Extend Your Airstream For A Cool Summer 2020

Awnings serve two important roles in your Airstream trailer. They increase the size of your trailer and offer shade outdoors. They also enhance the beauty of your Airstream. That is why you should take time to choose high-quality awnings for your Airstream. Consider the size to ensure that you fully extend your Airstream trailer for a cool summer this year.

Features Of Quality Airstream Awnings

There are many different types of Airstream awnings in the market today. VARR recommends the Zip Dee awnings because of the quality of the supporting posts and fabric. Important features to look for in these awnings include heavy-duty adjustable-height aluminum poles, scalloped valances on 3 sides, made of quality 9 oz DicksonĀ® awning fabric and bound with a white acrylic fabric. The awnings should extend out either 8 or 9 feet from the rail and they should have ropes, stakes, and line tighteners.

Choosing And Installing Airstream Awnings

You should consider all the features mentioned above when choosing awnings for your Airstream trailer. The awnings should also have a plastic rail bead sewn into the top edge. VARR offers highly customizable awnings to suit the size and theme that you want. We will help you choose the right color, patterns, and fabrics for your awnings. You can opt for the pricey but convenient automatic awnings or the cheaper manual awnings.

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