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Check Your Electrical System Before The 2020 Journey Starts

VARR cannot overemphasize the importance of electrical safety in an Airstream trailer. The trailer offers a relatively cramped space for you and your family and/or friends. You might even have small children on board. This means that you have to be extra careful and vigilant about electrical safety is such close quarters. You should make a point of checking out the electrical system of your Airstream trailer when de-winterizing it before you start your 2020 road trips.

Airstream Electrical Inspection & Repair

Our highly qualified and experienced electrical mechanics will handle all electrical issues in your Airstream trailer. We will check and recheck all the wiring, connections, and fuses. We will also inspect the battery, the generator, all the interior lights, and all the running (exterior) lights. All faulty connections will be repaired before you get on with your journey. It’s important to conduct electrical checks even when you are on the road. Rodents can sneak into your Airstream and chew up the plastic coating on the electrical wires.

Solar Services

Many people are now turning to solar energy because it’s cheaper and cleaner. VARR can install solar panels on the roof of your Airstream and these will charge the battery and supply you with all the power that you need. We can also install a hybrid power source combining solar and a generator.

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