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Be Safe On The Road Again

Before you take your Airstream trailer on the road again this spring, you have to make sure that it’s totally safe. You will have to work on all the parts of the trailer to ensure safety on the road. The preparation and repair of the chassis are some of the most important safety activities for your Airstream trailer. Needless to say, this kind of work requires the skills and experience of a professional. VARR offers frame off restoration and modernization services.

Frame Off Restoration & Modernization

Frame off restoration and modernization requires that you remove or detach the aluminum fuselage body from the chassis. You can now be able to repair or replace the chassis and the axle. You can also repair or replace the sub-floor of the Airstream trailer. VARR offers many services here including a thorough sanitary cleanout and mold removal.


Frame off restoration and modernization offers many benefits. For starters, it creates a healthier environment in your Airstream trailer. Mold removal, replacing the worn-out sub-floor, replacing old insulation, and cleaning out rodent droppings make your trailer cleaner and healthier. Secondly, all damaged areas in the frame including the chassis, axle, cross members, and outriggers are repaired or replaced thereby enhancing the safety and performance of your Airstream trailer.

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