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Avoid On Coming Traffic

Actually, drivers, haulers anything or any body must not compromise safety for being ten minutes late for a delivery.

Each driver must have complete freedom to safely change ones mind while hauling any and all goods. Snap decisions, changes in a course or changes in direction must be well thought out before grabbing the steering wheel and taking off or reversing direction.

I have enclosed a few photos that reflect the severity of a bad turn, a misjudged corner or a carless procedure that ended up costing “someone” thousands of dollars.

My blogs magnify the seriousness of the transport industry and the trouble one can get into petty quickly. Many of the trucking and trailering accidents can be shocking and at times deadly.

Personal injuries are the results of bad planning and over or under estimating in, many cases, the capacity of both trucks and trailers. Of course, drivers have their limits also and equipment has its place to be consistently maintained and repaired or even replaced when needed.

Traffic is constant on many roads and bridges. Anticipating the sensitive problems that occur 7/24 daily is a sure way to keep our highways as safe as possible and efficient for all carriers.

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