Wisconsin Vintage Airstream Restorations and Repairs

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Vintage Airstream Restorations and Repairs

Our company of skilled professionals can
or even find your own Vintage Airstream travel trailer

Varr has worked closely with families in Wisconsin to repair and restore their Airstream trailers for years. If you live in or are visiting Appleton, Green Bay, Madison, La Crosse, Kenosha, Racine, Oshkosh, Manitowoc, Janesville, West Bend, New Berlin or anywhere in between and considering restoring, repairing or purchasing your Vintage Airstream Trailer from VARR, our team will work with you on a one-on-one basis helping you with the process.

Wisconsin families visit our website on a regular basis to find valuable information concerning struggles that they may face with their Airstream Trailer restorations and repairs. Our experience and fine craftsmanship can help you achieve the most iconic travel trailer ever conceived in Wisconsin.

Vintage Airstream Insurance Questions & Claims

In Wisconsin you could have several questions concerning your Airstream and how to insure your trailer and get the value that is worth if you incur the unfortunate accident. You will want to make sure that you can restore it as it was before and have the funds to afford it. Before you speak with your adjuster or insurance agent you will want information. More information on Insurance or Accident Claims.

Vintage Airstream Repair Services

Many families in Wisconsin find that repairs to their trailers are wanted and are critical to maintaining airstream travel trailers. We specialize in the following: plumbing, aluminum fabrication, cabinetry, polishing, axle replacement, electrical, collision, floor and any other repairs that will make your trailer more comfortable and safe. See the many Vintage Airstreams Repairs that we offer.

Purchasing A Vintage Airstream Trailers

There were only a limited number of iconic trailers built we can provide you with the knowledge and know how to purchase your vintage airstream whether you would like to purchase it restored or want our help to restore it specifically for you and your family needs. You will be able to feel that you have the know how to have the Airstream of your dreams. See our collection of Vintage Airstreams For Sale.

Leaky Windows in Vintage Airstream Trailers

The construction of the airstreams and the way the windows are installed the most frequent question that we have with families in Wisconsin is “why do my windows leak” and “how can I stop my windows from leaking in my airstream trailer” and “how can we protect our trailer from our harsh winters” we have the answers to most of your critical questions for more information on Leaky Window Repairs on your Vintage Airstream Trailer.

Call Gene (435) 654-5465.

Varr specializes in the restoration and repairs of your Airstream trailers. Call for details.

Preferred Travel Destinations In Wisconsin

Campgrounds and Outdoor Fun:

  • East Fork Campground
  • River Bay Premier Camping Resort
  • Shangri-La Campground
  • Oconto City Park Campground
  • Ada Lake Campground
  • Ahnapee River Trails
  • Big Bay Town Park
  • Capital Springs State Park

Other spots you do not want to miss are Lost Creek Falls, The Landing at Hoyt Park and Timm’s Hill County Park. Please let us know of other preferred destinations that you have enjoyed in Wisconsin so that we can pass it on.

Ask About FREE Transportation for Your Vintage Airstream!

For those who qualify, we have program to transport your trailer from anywhere in the continental USA to our facility here in Park City, Utah for FREE! Read More

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  • Wisconsin Vintage Airstream Restorations and Repairs | Airstream Polishing, Aluminum Fabrication & Restore

  • We RESTORE, REPAIR, POLISH, FABRICATE, UPGRADE or even find your own Vintage Airstream travel trailer. Call Gene (435) 654-5465.