Lorie B.

What a wonderful experience! I saw this cute little 1965 Silver Streak travel trailer for sale on the internet - I have been searching awhile for a smaller sturdy trailer within my budget, and have had some bad experiences along the way. I went to the VARR website, read about the trailer, the reviews and the owner Gene. I had a good feeling. I called and Gene was really very nice. A bit gruff and no nonsense (like my dad was). We chatted awhile and I decided to purchase the Silver Streak and have him do some of the renovation for me. He said he would do as much, or as little work restoring/renovating as my budget allowed. He also suggested that I do some of the smaller easier work myself. He has let me take my time in getting things done, and in picking up my “new” trailer (I live in Colorado and winter is just ending). He then arranged for it to be brought to me. He suggested after I have it, camp in it for awhile and decide what I need and want for me to make it my own. He said I could call him for advice and bring my little trailer back to him for more restoration/renovation anytime. It came yesterday. It was just as I expected. Love it! Camped in it in my driveway! So far so fun! Thank you Gene.
Review on VARR from Severance, CO
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