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Winterizing your Airstream Trailer

It’s that time of year where the air gets colder and the temperature drops. Time to winterize your Airstream Trailer.

If you don’t have the time we can winterize your trailer for you.

Call Gene at Call Gene at call Gene at the Office: (435) 654-5465 or Cell: (619) 507-2527.

● Drain the fresh water storage tanks. Turn on all the faucets and blow out all water lines and water heater storage tank and let them drain until the water stops flowing. Frozen water can damage lines.

● Empty and flush the black water (sewage) and gray water (shower/sink water) tanks. Always empty the black water tank first, then the gray water tank. Only do so at approved dump stations.

● Close the cold and hot water valves at the water heater.

● We blow out all water lines with compressed air. We use this method so you won’t have the taste of antifreeze.

● Never use automobile antifreeze; it is poisonous and should not be introduced to your water lines. RV antifreeze is non-toxic.

● Pour RV antifreeze into each of the sinks (to keep the P-traps from freezing) tub, and toilet (to prevent ice from forming)

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