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Why Airstream? Guest Blogger - Josh Wood

Why would you choose a 40 year old trailer to buy? We’ve been asked this and it is quickly answered in one word, Airstream.

I have to admit that when we first decided to go on the road full time, I wasn’t on board with buying an Airstream. (Don’t tell anyone;) My wife Lisa, on the other hand, has loved them since she was young. Being that we were branding a business as well as changing our lifestyle, in the end, it was the right choice.

The first time I stepped into our Airstream I realized that a class A or C wasn’t going to work. The Airstream felt roomy and more like a home. The RV’s all had the same basic designs, and oh, what a lovely portrait of a Mountain Lion on the outside of it too. What I like about the interior is that if you don’t like it, take it out put something different in. I like the fact that our Vintage Airstream operates pretty much manually. No slideouts, computer systems, or super technical mechanical malfunctions to have to deal with.

Another benefit that I like about the Vintage Airstreams is they are lighter weight to tow. We have a 31 footer and it weighs in at around 6500 pounds with all our stuff in it. I don’t mean a weekend camping trip amount of stuff either. It is our house on wheels. We have a half ton GMC Denali that tows it. Most trailers that size would need a full size pickup for towing.

If there’s one thing that I’m sure about it’s that our trailer will probably be around and functioning longer than I will. After all, 70% of ALL Airstreams ever produced are still in use today. Can’t say that about any other brand.

Here is “Lola” our Airstream right after we brought her home! We changed a few things and will have to share those images later.