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Turn On The "Light and Message"

Most of us have worked hard to create a “BRAND” for our small business ideas. It isn’t easy and it’s expensive to attract unfamiliar “eyeballs” to anything!

So, in my 30 years of experience, I would do almost anything to attract a new buying customer and try to convert the person to our widget over the competitions.

“Almost anything” is no exaggeration. So, as I ponder my own words, I had to come up with SOMETHING that was out of the ordinary.

I thought and thought and kept coming back to the expression of “seeing the light” but to compete with the unknown and unseen competition I needed an extraordinary stimulus. And it was just that, that popped into my line of sight…. light…. not just any light but “neon” light that moves, changes, attracts, and that tells a story, gives a direction, opens a door or excites the viewer.

Why not combine the power of “vintage” with the power of history, family and country. All this will create that “brand” that so many folks strive toward daily to become the big dog on the porch.

The warmth of each neon message, each glass color change, each impressed onlooker gives opportunity to those folks who remember the days gone by with the memories of tomorrows’ promises and a colorful message produced by “NEON”.

The softness of color in this case neon, attracts those souls that are always on the lookout for unusual outcomes. Different paths to explore or a unique message are always exciting.

The neon sign of yesterday is the promise of tomorrow, join me directly with your ideas or unique subjects to turn “neon” into a friendly advertisement and a clean way of creating curiosity!

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