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The Importance of Sanitizing Every Last Travel Trailer

Especially now, the word “PREVENTION” takes on a whole new meaning globally! With the Corona virus affecting all parts of life as we knew it just a few months ago, we are now investigating as many safe alternatives to preparing the trailer industry with trailers that are clean and free from disease. Sounds scary….it is scary!!

Many of the hundreds of thousands of those trailers now rolling in all directions on the open road are subject to many compromising interiors that are just not safe from a virus such as Corona or any other infectious disease.

VARR, Inc. as a company is directing their skilled group of restoration specialists to open all the stops to make sure that each trailer is inspected in depth and in detail to prevent the spread of disease though dead, dying or toxic un-invited rodents, mice and larger depositing animals.

Many of the species regularly nest in the dark and unseen environments inside a trailer for protection while seeking warmth and camouflage from predators. The protective caves are especially important to the female mother to produce the maximum amount of warmth and camouflage from predators to her offspring’s.

Since there are so many opportunities to establish “nests” that will perpetuate for generations, getting the mature species out of each trailer will not be easy. Therefore VARR, Inc. has taken an aggressive approach to completely remove the established families with 350-degree steamed water pressure and mild detergent, along with a small amount of laundry bleach.

With that procedure, 99% of the affected interiors of each trailer will be safe for human sleeping as well as eating and storage. What human mother would allow her family to exist or trailer next to contaminated areas inside any travel trailer.

Each wild species carries many toxic and unhealthy fluids that are deposited regularly in the same location inside the trailer. Animals are creatures of habit. Look at the enclosed photos which should raise many concerns about the potential severity of one, if not all environments exposed to unwanted visitors.

The buildup of these poisonous piles of dangerous excrement are obvious. The areas that were sanitized properly are obviously must be taken seriously to impede the spread of disease. This information coupled with weekly monitoring is critical to consistent hygiene is the key to consistent safe travel for all in any trailer.

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